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    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    Corrections & Omissions Guys, has anyone seen that episode of Party Down at Steve Guttenburg's birthday, when all the actors are forced to read Roman's terrible sic-fi script? I think that was the script to this movie….. This seemed to be a lengthy idea edited down to a 2 hour movie like you all said. Unfortunately, that doesn't give it a pass if we fill in the missed plot points with out imaginations… in it's entirety shown, it's a pile of dung. Also, what was with all the cultural stereo-types around the bureaucratic universe?? And why did Mila Kunis start speaking like a medieval british royal as soon as she was crowned queen? Did anyone else notice her accent changed? Although I am pretty certain this was meant to be a space-cincerdella story. Too bad all plot lines failed. I think (as you mentioned), most of the budget was spent on making the movie beautiful, including Mila! How come she has a different outfit and hairdo in practically every scene? It's worse then a Madonna tour. I hope her space servants were treated well for all the time spent changing her look every time she entered a new room. Love HDTGM and Blacklist. This movie was REDONK. xo
  2. TamaraLeeLee

    Episode 94 — Glitter: LIVE!

    CORRECTIONS AND OMISSIONS: Can we talk about how there seems to be some weird prostitution inferences / undertones in this movie??! 1 - Why does Dice need to *buy out* Billie like it's some kind of pimp exchange? 2 - What is happening to Billie's money?? On the same day she is on the cover of Billboard as having sold out Madison Square Gardens, there is a shot of her sitting in the her old bedroom at the girls house, which is tiny and poor. Can't a stadium rock star afford a fancy hotel / apartment / more then a one time shopping spree with the gals? Also, why does Billie accuse Dice on their date of putting the moves on, but then she clearly makes the move when she leans in to kiss him? It's almost as if this director / writer has adapted the Sylvester Stallone / Staying Alive mantra that women are just brainless garbage people. Either put them to work or push them aside so the men can get down to the real life business! Amiright??
  3. CORRECTIONS & OMMISSIONs OMG pleeeeeassse write the next Sharknado, please. Like you mentioned in the first episode, the writers at SYFY are lazily asleep at the wheel. Guys, I am not a science fiction writer , but isn't the first rule that you make rules for your world, and then *follow* them? Can we address the entire sequence from leaving Citi Field to getting in the cab: First, they leave on the 7 train (Mets-Willets Point) which is clearly marked (and correctly) at Citi Field. But then the "dumdum" MTA guys enter the tunnel near Manhattan to shut off the valve entering a door clearly ALSO marked Mets-Willets Point! (um, production, can we get some cardboard on set to cover a sign, please?) THEN in the tunnel they get chomped by an…. ALLIGATOR??? Clearly, it's an alligator. WTF? Was there also an ALIGATO that we never heard about? THEN the train pulls in to Manhattan at 96 Street?? Was there a train transfer we never saw? The 7 train doesn't connect or go near 96 street at all, yet there are repeated shots of these 96 station signs… (Hello, production….? Cardboard???) And after they emergency stop the train (which are driven by actual people), why does the train driver decide to close the doors and continue along the shark tunnel like a lunatic? Ian contemptuously remarks he hates the subway (no shit, apparently so does someone at SYFY), and finally they run up to the street and magically find Judd Hirsch waiting. Was there some kind of sky-shark-signal they used that we never heard about? Besides all the other discrepancies that could be mentioned, I think it's time for SYFY to return to the scifi book and I look forward to seeing the superior How-Did-This-Get-shMado xo
  4. TamaraLeeLee

    Episode 89 — Gooby

    Great episode. Although this was touched on, my CORRECTION & OMISSION is this: I kept thinking, why did the kid need to keep Gooby hidden from everyone?? You'd think if he had a history of therapy because he imagines things, then he would want people to know about Gooby as validation that he isn't actually crazy. Also, as a Canadian living in America, I find myself constantly having to apologize for crappy Canadian things (like Justin Beiber, Nickleback, Celine Dion, Rob Ford…) My country is filled with talented people but, alas, these guys make the headlines. And now, one of our heralding treasures, Eugene Levy of classic SCTV, is dirtying himself with this. So, on behalf of the Canadian people, I'd like to sincerely say: Thank-Gooby we have another piece of trash to apologize for! See the attached link below for my official apology:
  5. TamaraLeeLee

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Maybe you have heard this floating around the internet already? It's a break up call with Comcast and worse then any actual relationship break up. One of you funny people, I'm sure, could make some genius sketch about it…. http://boingboing.net/2014/07/14/listen-to-comcast-torture-ryan.html
  6. TamaraLeeLee

    Good Movies Recommendations

    Agreed, they are solid. And Tim Robbins and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Good break down. So Spoils of Babylon is your recommendation? Any other lesser known movie gems to suggest?
  7. TamaraLeeLee

    Good Movies Recommendations

    I'll start by shouting out THE HUDSUCKER PROXY. If you love the Cohen Brothers like I do, this is the total unsung hero of their collection. It's hilarious, completely tips the hat to 1950's genre, and outstanding acting. and it's You know… for kids!
  8. Really like your new area where you mention a movie that you thought was Good! I watched Mistaken For Strangers after you recommended it, and, of course, you were right. Really great movie. I'd like to open up a topic on great movies we can recommend (I couldn't find this topic on the forum already). I'm sure y'all have already heard of most things, but you never know…. maybe some unknown gem will show up?
  9. TamaraLeeLee

    Any HDTGM Movies that you consider good?

    I actually really liked Devil's Advocate and think Al Pacino makes a good devil. And Keanu is always Keanu. No expectation of good, just forgiveness for him when he ends up in good movies like the Matrix and doesn't wreck them. Actually, I like to play a game with every movie he's in called "find the Ted moment" Matrix : "Woooah….." Point Break: "You gotta go Down, Bodie!" Devil's Advocate:….? But anyway, even though I like that movie, this is one of my HDTGM top favorite episodes. And I can't argue with a single thing they call out and can't get enough of Pacino impressions. Nailed it! Hilarity:)
  10. Oops, long time listener, first time post-er… clearly. Ps Lando, Yes! haha
  11. TamaraLeeLee

    The Last Starfighter

    That is a ridiculous premise, agreed. Along the same lines is Cloak & Dagger, where a kid beating a spy video game gets him stuck in the middle of international espionage. However, that being said, I loved both of these movies
  12. TamaraLeeLee

    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

    I really enjoyed this movie. But I do wonder if Time Inc paid for and created it. Since it came out they have relaunched their Life Magazine collection and I can't imagine it's coincidental….
  13. TamaraLeeLee

    Event Horizon (1997)

    Good pick. Terrible movie
  14. 1) Sum of all Fears - Ben Affleck OUT RUNs a nuclear blast in a helicopter!!?! Um….. I am not an aeronautic expert, but... 2) Day After Tomorrow - They OUT RUN the cold weather thats chasing them!!!?! Again, I am not meteorologist, but... 3) The Happening - Because, SPOILER ALERT, whodunit? Oh, it's evil TREES!! Oh, M Night Shyamalan….. *sigh*