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  1. WillBrady

    Episode 443 - This Is Your Boy Troy

    "You should work that into your act, whatever that is." -Scott
  2. WillBrady

    Episode 2 - Donald Trump Goes Camping

    This show is genius
  3. WillBrady

    EPISODE 118 — 01907 The Magazine

    JEEEzus this guy likes Ray Romano. LOTS. Money is good, romano, great. ehhhh.
  4. WillBrady

    EPISODE 114 — Quip Fire!

    E bola claire kemper did not disappoint!
  5. WillBrady

    EPISODE 660 - Dominos

    "Yeah, it's like their living room"- Jenny Yang, on the Yo, Is This Racist podcast, talking about black people playing dominoes on the street. What level of racist is that? First level? Yes. First level racist shit. Cancel the week Andrew.
  6. WillBrady

    EPISODE 649 - White People Spicy

    No, what this suffers from is persecution simple.
  7. WillBrady

    EPISODE 649 - White People Spicy

    PS. Love collard greens, am white. PPS. Dwag
  8. WillBrady

    EPISODE 649 - White People Spicy

    No, I'm just a chef who thinks people who are interested in other peoples cultures, foods and traditions are not racist or idiots(mind you, only if white, as Andrew asserts). Quite the contrary. People of all races who embrace other peoples cultures(foodies, travelers, what have you) tend to be the best of our nation. I've tried with this podcast, but the simple mindedness of the assertions in too many of them are base at best. The trope of "white people can't be victims of racism" is played and simple. Poor white people are taken advantage of by the current system just as all poor are. Those who seek to separate by race while ignoring the true power of class play into the hands of the multicultural plutocracy worldwide which seeks to keep us all in conflict over trifling garbage like "White People Spicy", with the host and guest only too willing to help proffer the noise. You know what I'm saying dwag? Also, the main premise of the question was completely whiffed. The question was meant as "do you think the kitchen seasons the dish to the levels of spice you would find in their country, or do you think they lower it for white people(read: all Americans), such as myself?". It's a seasoning discussion. So no, it's not racist to wonder if someone dials down the spice for you, because spicy food is always toned down when first introduced to our culture in restaurants(Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Ethiopian...) so it is more easily sold until it grabs hold, then authenticity can follow when people's palates adapt to new flavors and spices. Again, dwag.
  9. WillBrady

    EPISODE 649 - White People Spicy

    Ugh. Almost entirely useless and utterly cringeworthy. Please re-title to Yo, This is Ignorant
  10. So we're answering questions about things we haven't seen yet? God, this podcast is weak.
  11. WillBrady

    EPISODE 341 — Banging the Table with Stars

    I get home late on Sunday nights, and usually fall asleep to the new CBB. I woke up to "Elevator Love Song" an hour after drifting. I have played it on Spotify 5 times today and can't believe I missed this band... I applaud CBB for providing a venue for Stars, who I might add, were great guests as well, and very game. All this talk beating on the guests on this free show is weak sauce.
  12. WillBrady

    Episode 211 — Depresskimos

    The thought of a hiatus is scarier than the BobaDucca.
  13. Looking forward to a great ep. Hope they're not poppin' too many stones. Over blue turtlin' could also hinder college girls' enjoyment of this great News.
  14. WillBrady

    Episode 139 — Penis T-Zone

    My only point is that when you come from a more positive place publicly, you may find it easier to insert your brand of what I consider funnier and more original comedy into the public square(tv). But some people like the easy laugh. I think you have to remember comedy is a big and evolving place, and folks need time to graduate to what it is you do. What you may consider banal is very avant garde for people who are just getting into different brands of humor past the knock knock joke. As for Carrot Top, he and his props speak for themselves- funny stuff for 3rd grade boys(still a large audience). I love your show, consistently brilliant. It was just a little "hey you kids get off my lawn" is all, and takes the listener out of the moment. Thanks for responding and continued success. (sits on whoopee cushion)
  15. WillBrady

    Episode 139 — Penis T-Zone

    Bitching about what makes people laugh is lame. Putting yourself above other comedians as a judge of what improv may or may not be makes you look small. It carries as much weight as Jackie Mason complaining about "today's comics" or complaining about Carrot Top. Don't watch Who's line myself, but the criticism affects me conversely, as I'm less inclined to listen to I4H when MB adopts the whole "long form is pure" bull, attached to the "why aren't I on TV?" lament. Work hard and succeed on your own without tearing other people down and folks will be more apt to liking you, which could put you back on a show.