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  1. DarthFaelan

    Sleepwalkers (1992)

    Watched the best bad movie of my life last night! Cats? Check! Incest? Check! Guy getting stabbed with a cob of corn? Mother fucking check! Also you guys can watch it for free on crackle. No idea how it flew under my radar for so long.
  2. DarthFaelan

    Cherry Falls (2000)

    I Believe it! What theater would carry this?
  3. DarthFaelan

    Little Monsters (1989)

    oh man, I remember thins train wreck from my childhood. I can't unsee this bullshit
  4. DarthFaelan

    The Sweetest Thing (2002)

    Utterly bonkers
  5. DarthFaelan

    Which Movies Does HDTGM Absolutely Need To Review?

    Cherry Falls, Next, Are We There Yet?, Black Knight, Zardoz
  6. DarthFaelan


    Yes this movie is a must! it's like being trapped inside the mind of a serial murder for two hours, Sean Connery's diaper spandez is pretty epic as well.
  7. DarthFaelan

    Warriors of Virtue (1997)

    How could I have forgotten this totally insane movie, man the nineties was a glorious time
  8. DarthFaelan

    Cherry Falls (2000)

    I half remembered this movie from high school but figured i'd have to rewatch it to see if it was really crazy enough to recommended for HDTGM. I watched it the other night and holy shit this movie is absolutely NUTS. I honestly can't sum up the insanity of this movie better than it's IMDB page: "A psychotic serial slasher starts a bloodthirsty murder rampage at Cherry Falls high school that only kills the local high school virgins. This leads to the local teenage population organizing a sex party." ​Seriously this movie has everything, hideously mangled attempts at feminism, tonnes of gross sex and acting that makes Nic Cage look like Anthony Hopkins. PLEASE DO THIS MOVIE!