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  1. ajzthisisdumb

    Hollywood Handbook Live in Chicago 31. May-Who going?

    holy shit it did sell out! I dont know how big that venue is but I didnt expect that to happen so quickly
  2. ajzthisisdumb

    Episode 179 - Alison Rich, Our Close Friend Again

    nearly had a panic attack when I realized the boys were saying they werent doing the show anymore after this. that isnt what they were saying, was it? WAS IT????
  3. just spent 5 minutes turning the "I HAVE A BMW..." rant into a ringtone
  4. Oh god-the I HAVE A BMW, A PORSCHE, A MONSTER TRUCK, A HOUSE, AND 30 COMPANIES!!! guy! Reality Show Show was so good. I love HH more than I love most things in life, but sometimes I like to hear S&H being themselves and not characters* *yeah, I know. Sean and Hayes arent playing characters on HH
  5. I have not run over anyone with a Vespa, but this episode also didnt download for me. And now when I go into my HH feed on the podcast app and refresh it it doesnt show up. FML
  6. ajzthisisdumb

    EPISODE 133 — Alison Rich, Our Close Friend

    listened to this on my morning run-got back right after Sean's scientific bug/insect/spider/etc explanation-got back in the house and the first centipede of the spring ran across the floor in front of me. COINCIDENCE?
  7. ajzthisisdumb

    EPISODE 124 — Big Apple Bible, Episode 1

    I was on pins and needles this whole ep. Wasnt sure if Hayes was going to go for it and leave Sean behind. Im glad he didnt
  8. ajzthisisdumb

    Episode 117 - Devin Field, Our Pet Project

    I havent been posting on the forum in the last 6 months but I was dicking around on the internet and found I had a page on the HH Wiki which made me feel cool and reminded me the forum was cool. I see we are posting about crows these days eh?
  9. Happy day after Boxing Day Hollywood Handbook Heads, hope you are having a chill morning
  10. ajzthisisdumb

    Episode 94 — Hayley Huntley, Hayes' Daughter

    i just sold like 8 old ps3 games to amazon.com and they gave me like 30 bucks for them. felt nice to reduce some of the clutter in my house /iknowiknowcoolstorybro
  11. ajzthisisdumb

    Episode 94 — Hayley Huntley, Hayes' Daughter

    as a teacher I was happy to get something of a shout-out this episode when they mentioned harold reynolds the first thing I thought of was "SEATTLE MARINERS. CHANSON IS FROM WASHINGTON." HH is in my head. Hope your car is doing better Chanson
  12. ajzthisisdumb

    Episode 91 — Tom Scharpling, Our Close Friend

    agreed. for some reason Kendrick Lamar bores me to tears. Same with Vince Staples most recent album--highly acclaimed, got listened to once and probably never again. I also feel the same way about just about everything Kanye puts out. I think hes a boring MC and the only people blown away by the production on Yeezus were the people who hadnt been paying attention to people like Evian Christ for years already. /snooty music rant over
  13. ajzthisisdumb

    Episode 91 — Tom Scharpling, Our Close Friend

    I walk by Collector's Edge all the time and scoff at the low lifes inside, because that is the type of elitist i am