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  1. Matchgame72

    Episode 144 - Howard Kremer, Our Close Friend

    I recently saw a fellow handbooker at a bar in chicago wearing the hollywood handbook limited release t-shirt. At the same time, I was wearing the limited release "speak on that" t-shirt. I tried giving a inowing head knod, but i think it was too nice and smart and may have freaked you out. #missedconnections
  2. I also have all of batman: the animated series on dvd. They are my only dvd.
  3. Matchgame72

    Episode 69 — Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    Also, #teamBetsy
  4. Matchgame72

    Episode 69 — Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    Android and pepsi product placement detected. Tie-in with upcoming Terminate-Man likely. Arnold is next guest confirmed.
  5. Matchgame72

    Episode 67 — Jes Macallan, Our Close Friend

    At least the poster won't make the boys nervous this time. However, I strongly, STRONGLY suggest they don't no-filter-bing-image-search "freezing hot". Edit: I should probably mention that "freezing hot" is the name of the special. Otherwise, you wouldn't understand why I didn't want the boys to look at images of erotic japanese animations.
  6. Matchgame72

    Episode 67 — Jes Macallan, Our Close Friend

    Tried to learn more about the people who live in Milan... Do not no-filter-bing-image-search "big italians"
  7. Since i'm drunk, here's the refrain. I hiked the whole damn appalachian trail in 2011, and here's what got me through
  8. The theme song for this f*ed up charade is "private idaho". If you don't get this, you best move on to a friendlier podcast.
  9. Jes, Has any portion of this podcast seemed to you to be interminable, alienating, obligatory and/or bleak?
  11. This forum is past the singularity. Posts are occurring faster than I can handle. They've developed the ability to improve themselves. J. Depp warned us...
  12. Is this where we post replies to what people are saying on the forum fest? If so: Scranton! Oh man.. Been there!
  13. Sean eats mustard hoagies.
  14. Point of freaking order, I did not receive the pro version earlier. If audience participation was still a part of this show, I would right such a nasty and mean theme song for Riddle Me This.