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    Episode 231 — My Lady Mumps

    I should say as well, in case this finds its way to Mr and Mr Sklar, that I do find you to be thoughtful, funny and lovely men, and I'm sorry if what I wrote was blunt and a bit misinformed. It's just NZ is one of these countries that people tend to know very little about, so I don't want a whole bunch of people walking around whose view of NZ consists of orcs, rugby and angry drunks. It's a lovely, friendly place- as I'm sure the States are too, which is why I've been saving up to visit in a couple years. Take a tour of the Gibson factory, visit the blues bars and comedy clubs, maybe see some Earwolf favourites live, I can't wait. Cheers, -A.J.
  2. MrKiwi

    Episode 231 — My Lady Mumps

    Yeah, those are good points, I hadn't considered the segregation link. Also whenever I've heard Americans say it, they tend to emphasise both words like a sentence, whereas in NZ it just kind of rolls together into a sound that the team is called. Like, I don't think of a Rolling Stone going down a hill, I think of the rollingstones, the sound we call Mick, Keith etc. instead of thinking about a literal interpretation of the phrase. Thanks for the clarification though, helped me understand a bit better. And yeah, I had a feeling the Red Skins thing wasn't a great point, I was mostly just annoyed by the comments about alcohol. I got hurt and I lashed out, man. Thanks again, all the best.
  3. MrKiwi

    Episode 231 — My Lady Mumps

    Sorry, I've never complained about free entertainment before, and I generally visit the country just when the bros have on a PFT, or a Daly, or an Aukerman, so I really don't feel I have any right to bitch. BUT, hearing one of the (usually charming) hosts equate the name "All Blacks" to "The N-words", seems a little ridiculous, especially coming from the country that continues to allow the "Red Skins" to be a thing. The 'black' in 'All Blacks' came from the colour of the uniform, and has nothing to do with race, like how if I want a coffee without milk, I order a 'long black', or if I want my car to be black, I'll ask for it to be "black". I understand that Americans have a more sensitive history with the word, but it seems a little hypocritical to get on a high horse about that, and then immediately go on to claim that not supplying New Zealanders with alcohol is "like denying Americans oxygen, or food", and that "they're drunk... drunk assholes." I get that it was probably meant to be funny, but come on, Sklar. A'ight, I'm done. Again, I'm sorry to be negative like this, but obviously it wound me up a bit. Peace and love, peace and love, if you send me stuff, I won't sign it, peace and love.
  4. MrKiwi

    Episode 315 — Sandwich Therapy

    Joey Wengert is fast becoming one of these PFT-level guests that make me spill hot coffee all over myself when I see them on the guest list. Between this, that medium character ("Ya Grandma wants to know if you remember when Nirvana played on Saturday Night Liveaaaaauuuuuooooogghhhh"), and "your name is Zazzu", he may just kill me.
  5. MrKiwi

    Episode 316 — In the Larp Run

    Hey folks, long time first time. Great ep, always love Neil and Reggie, Dane was fine, always a shame when first timers don't click, particularly in WYR, but he did well once it went more standard CBB. Solid C. I love Rick Faber, but I'd love to see Neil's Monologues back at some point. The Halloween one was golden. BUT what I'm really here to say is I was shocked and excited to hear Reggie say he's in Australia, as I was listening on the way home from work yesterday. Got home, hoped online, saw he was right here in Sydney, and there were three shows to go, with only that night's show not sold out. I picked up one of the last tickets, and three hours later I was in the Opera House about 6 metres away from the man himself, and he was absolutely brilliant. Just filing into the room and seeing that red keyboard and his pedals on the stage, lordy what a buzz. Did about 25 min more than promised, it was just a constant blanket of laughter, punctuated by pure awe. Only wish I could get to tonight and tomorrow's shows as well. This is unprecedented, but if I had to rate it, <forgive me, Scotty Auckerby> B-.