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  1. secondeye

    PRO VERSION: The 29 minute long one

    I've never listened to CBB. Is it good?
  2. WTF Chef Kevin? 29 minutes and 4 seconds is not "30 minutes"
  3. secondeye

    Episode 232 - Arden Myrin, Our #MovieRank Friend

    Probably my 2nd favorite Arden Myrin guest spot, sandwiched between her turn on 'Shameless' as William H. Macy's barfly hookup, and her episode of 'Hung' where she and Michaela Watkins used Thomas Jane to unbridle their wild lusts.
  4. Hello Spontaniacs. I have a question. I want to download the episode (I have Sitcher Premium) I used to hear in ads on other podcasts. It was the improv where one of the players was saying something like "By gawd!" and Paul was like "Oh! He's a chicken!" Anyone know which one that was?
  5. secondeye

    Episode 227 - Claudia O'Doherty, Our Close Friend

    Do you think it bothers or impresses Sean more that Hayes is just as good at improv?
  6. I only half read the episode description, so I was expecting Kulap Kneehighsocks.
  7. I think it's nice that Hayzie's reappearance has brought all these new faces to the forum like Greggy, Elizamuffins, Souprman, no. 1 cheeba hawk, spunky foonerism, etc.. Also, Chef Kevin is starting to get good.
  8. secondeye

    Episode 195 - Spencer Crittenden, Our Close Friend

    I have it on good authority that they were going to use your popcorn gallery question, but Brett screwed up the music.
  9. secondeye

    Episode 195 - Spencer Crittenden, Our Close Friend

    I have a feeling he's going to be a little mad with Sean throwing out the "H" word a couple times at the end of the ep
  10. secondeye

    Episode 195 - Spencer Crittenden, Our Close Friend

    Just finished listening to this on 12x. Terrific ep!
  11. secondeye

    Episode 192 - Julie Klausner, Our Tonys Friend

    Julie Klausner is the point of this.
  12. secondeye

    Episode 191 - Eugene Cordero, Our Close Friend

    What's the point anymore. Sean's not even afraid of Frankingstein. Hayes hasn't even logged in to check the forums in 9 months. What's the point.
  13. secondeye

    Episode 190 - Bang Rodgman, Our Spinoff Friend

    HH has a Facebook page?
  14. secondeye

    Episode 188 - Tawny Newsome, Our Close Friend

    I feel like the main theme of this episode was the redemption of Engineer Sam.