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  1. I was thinking the show was Buzzkill because of the hidden camera/prank aspect. Also the Chicago connection and Matt mentions moving to New York as this was happening.
  2. mendacino_farms

    Most Awkward Podcast episodes

    Episode 239 of Stop Podcasting Yourself with guest Shlomo McPeake. SPY is my favorite podcast and I've listened to most of the episodes multiple times, but I've never relistened to that one because I remember it being so awkward. The guest was apparently a comedian, but I remember him being mostly quiet and when he did speak it was in slow, halting sentences that were usually irrelevant and unfunny. Graham and Dave were trying their hardest to get anything out of him. Also, the most recent Norm MacDonald live with Dave Koechner. There's a long stretch where he seriously explains some acting/improv theory and Norm tries to break the tension with his joke about Adam Eget giving handjobs under the Brooklyn Bridge, but Koechner powers through and goes right back into the acting theory stuff immediately after.