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  1. Munchkins & Flagons

    EPISODE 149 — Ambassador of Evil

    goddamnit. i was finally ready to start listening regularly again. wake me up when it's over.
  2. Munchkins & Flagons

    Lack of direction

    i do apologive for my part in the sowing of negativity. i understand that some of you still enjoy the show, and i guess i am just upset that i can't. it went from my favorite podcast to out of the running, and i just wish i could enjoy it again. i have indeed heeded the advice to stop listening, for five weeks now. i will keep checking in here for signs of life, but i will keep my negative opinions to myself from here on out.
  3. Munchkins & Flagons

    Lack of direction

    I unfortunately have to agree. Blaine should go back to just being a character. If Sark isn't coming back (which has always seemed to be the case), then they should try to recruit Spencer Crittenden from Harmontown to DM for them. He's a really solid, funny DM, and lives in the same area (I think) - maybe he'd like another gig, and if he can keep the drunken Harmontown crew generally pointed in the right direction, he could certainly reign these guys in too. As it stands now though, the show has become unlistenable for me. I hope they make some sort of change to pull me back in.
  4. Munchkins & Flagons

    Episode 92 — Suck It With Your Mandibles

    it was this guy: This 100%. Dan was great - he added so much to the episode, and I enjoyed this one the most since Blaine took over as DM. Who can make this happen? Dan, tell them the people want you IN for good!
  5. Munchkins & Flagons

    Episode 83 — Skeleton Mass