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    Episode 398 - Prayer Orgy

    The bit with Samantha Bee talking about stealing cars reminded me of when I first started listening to Comedy Bang Bang and I wasn't always sure what was a bit and what was real because of how deadpan Scott is. It seemed so outlandish, but she gave so many details that I actually went and looked it up, and it seems legit! From the description of this NPR interview (http://www.npr.org/t...oryId=127217785) from 2010: What's funny is I got the feeling that Scott thought she was just playing along and making it up as well, and gradually realized it was true as the story got more and more detailed. At one point he said something like "This is the most insane story anyone's ever told here," which was when I felt like I wasn't sure what was real anymore.
  2. Best episode yet. I knew I was in for a treat when the monologue had me laughing about 3 minutes in. The interview with Jason Ritter was really funny and gelled nicely into the improv... I wonder how many people on this show will end up talking about how they wore the same outfit every day as kids? Very strange through line so far. Also I've only ever read one choose-your-own-adventure book, and it was an Animorphs book that I picked up probably around fifth grade. If I remember correctly the first choice you make is basically which mission you go on, so you have two main branches of the story with a few endings for each one, and the mission I chose had no successful endings, just different ways all the characters died. I really let Jake and co. down, man.
  3. cmetz

    Episode 303 — Puttering Around

    Man, Scott Aukerman and Louden Wainwright III chose the wrong song to judge the CBB Bump. Of the 23 albums he's listed as having (according to https://rateyourmusic.com/artist/loudon_wainwright_iii) only 4 are not available on iTunes, one of which is "Here Come the Choppers." Which is a shame because I really liked that song.
  4. Wow, what a really great show. I hadn't listened to any Wolf Den episodes yet, but I think I might go back and listen to some of these from the beginning. I love behind the scenes type stuff, and I've been curious about how Earwolf works. From listening to the shows (especially looser ones like U Talkin' U2 to Me and Analyze Phish) you can get the feeling that the network is a bunch of comedian buddies just hanging out and goofing off. It was pretty cool to see Scott Aukerman more or less straight faced talking to Jeff Ullrich about Earwolf not just as a company, but as a successful company that everyone involved is proud of. So to Mr. Ullrich, thanks so much for making the Network that hosts all of my favorite podcasts. I've spent so much time (probably too much ha) listening to your guys' shows and it sounds like your dedication really helped get the network off the ground. Good luck moving forward!