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    maybe it's just me
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  1. Graham Wheeler

    RIP Professor Blastoff

    sad that my new job doesn't give me the luxury of lurking on this forum as often as i used to. also sad that it's taken an event such as this one to bring me back. (here comes the real sap) upon reading the news today (the LITERAL first thing i read this morning) and realizing the permanence of the situation at hand, i really only had one thought. i needed to call my youngest sister. currently on a pilgrimage walking the el camino trail in Spain, she was one of the first people i had ever introduced PB to. it's been hard staying in touch outside of the occasional "whats app" message here and there, but i let her know i had some pretty sad news to share. as i read kyle's blastronaut facebook post to her, word by word, i could hear her welling up. and the big brother started to as well. ive shared this great show with a wide variety of friends, but she was the only one i felt really got it like i did. my trips back home would lead to the ineviatble "awww my sweetie!" from her as we would see each other. beating each other to who could utter the fastest, "first of all, congrats" also became an ongoing joust of sorts. i knew that this trio meant as much to her as it did to me. "thank you" does not begin to highlight all that this show has done for me as a person/occasional remotely funny guy. all of you who have engaged our hosts and other members on this thread, we've had the pleasure of being a part of the single-most genuine podcast i have ever come across. looks like our favorite green circle award-winner agrees: we'll miss you, hatch - welp. that's been sap.
  2. Graham Wheeler

    We will miss you Harris

    also realizing that my earwolf forum name is Bryan Pieces. no more farts and procreation. fuck this day. if anyone needs a shoulder ill be at the nearby Carls' Jr. <3 you heaps foamie.
  3. Graham Wheeler

    We will miss you Harris

    the Earwolf family and the world lost one of the good guys yesterday. i fucking love you, Harris. "I'm wanna open a Jamaican, Irish, Spanish small-plate breakfast restaurant and call it - " (see my tagline for almost a year)
  4. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 104 — Live from Chicago/ Music Vol. 2

    35 mins in...guest just began talking...please tell me he recovers...this is painful.
  5. Graham Wheeler

    EPISODE 334 — The Dream Team

    "what is that slashing motion you're making?" this ep. was next level C+
  6. Graham Wheeler

    EPISODE 333 — Pit Stop

    "This happens often enough" smash cut to "I hardly ever check these forums" gah. my brain.
  7. Graham Wheeler

    EPISODE 333 — Pit Stop

  8. Graham Wheeler

    EPISODE 333 — Pit Stop

  9. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 96 — Character

    is there anyone who wouldn't immediately buy a "NAME THAT PUNKY" tshirt?
  10. Graham Wheeler

    Episode 332 — What Winsome Said

    the Grabowski tale might be the most relatable thing ive ever heard.
  11. a real 2014 club banger.
  12. there isn't a more genuine Scotty Auks than the one who feels obligated to defend his music preferences <3