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  1. rat's pine

    Best of 2016 Pt. 3

    Seeing Paul and Scott on twitter claim this is not what they remembered but tbh I think they are in the early stages of DABDA.
  2. rat's pine

    Best of 2016 Pt. 4

    Very pleased with the amount of Claudia O'Doherty and Tommy MIDIfile on the countdown, but I must concur there were some snubs and, dare I say, flubs this year. Some of my personal fave eps not represented, in no particular order: The Timeys Leap Year Celebration, Your Cousin Marvin & You Know John Leguizamo - Neil Campbell is king!! The Longest Pig Pile & Pop-Tartender - GINO plus mercilessly mocking Todd Glass and a great Brian Huskey charac Hair Take It - Fuck tha haters Cameron & Rhea are amazing and this ep was wall-to-wall riffing. Touch 'em all. Get Donk'd & Prayer Orgy - Two decent eps with good first-timer interviews up front & good improv in the back half Shut the Fuck Door!, Nasty Lyrics, Master of Horror, The 3 Year Diet, Wisconsin Sugar Babies, Government Pizza, Persons of Interest & This Ain't Now, This is Then - The Bajillion Dollar crew consistently killed it this year, especially Ryan Gaul, Tim Baltz and Drew Tarver Doubt About That - dick doubt! The Intern Challenge & The Holiday Womptacular - I miss Wompler & Listler Other random moments: Brett Gelman's tirade from Ghost Pets are Liars, Jarles' drop-in during Wishing with The Grawlix, The Apple Tree song, the return of the Washington Monugents and the Monster Fuck freestyle rap reprisal (also started listening to Doughboys this year, which made it all the more magical). As the Hulk might say, this was a Banner year for CBB.
  3. rat's pine

    Best of 2016 Pt. 3

    Finally some Gino on the best-of's! Time Keeper is by far my all time favourite character, every line is just gold. Neil's Larry the Loner was also maybe the hardest I laughed all year. Are we ever going to get closure on the Order of the Keepers?
  4. rat's pine

    Episode 451 - Wishing with The Grawlix

    J A R L E S So glad I didn't spoil that for myself. Lost it at "Boiga King Bayou." And there's just something so perfect about Willy Mapleton as an undecided voter. Speaking of which the best-of's is gonna be insanely difficult to narrow down this year. As insanely good as this ep was I'm not sure anything will top the apple tree song.
  5. rat's pine

    Episode 448 - Master of Horror

    Coming late to these threads is getting more and more awkward. I wish they could go 80+ posts without devolving into shit-slinging because this ep was great. Love it when guests like Kirkman just click with the show right away and give joke answers to joke questions but aren't completely disingenuous. It's a tricky line to ride. Gaul is definitely this years best rookie guest. Not quite as fast as a Gabrus or Lapkus but his stream-of-consciousness style of yes-and-ing via question-dodging and word association is very, very entertaining. Gemberling was funny too, but I totally thought the gag was going to be that the "family reunion" where his grandmother last spoke was actually her funeral and he just didn't get the memo (#cbbyearofdeath).
  6. rat's pine

    Episode 445 - Sully Goose

    I gotcha answers... right here!
  7. rat's pine

    Episode 444 - Mind Your Please and Questions

    grepisode. ghread.
  8. rat's pine

    Episode 442 - Atlantis Dire Warning

    I think Ming works better as a co-host than a guest, though I did enjoy his bad observational jokes. As for the accent, If you don't dig the character/improv style then yeah it probably won't win you over and that's totally understandable. Leesa mattresses: Draug lanoitan eht nioj!
  9. rat's pine

    Episode 441 - Your Cousin Marvin

    B- ep. Yeah I went there. Joyee and Larry both need to return asap. I can agree the 2nd segment was a little slow and meandering, but imo it just made Neil's explosive climax that much better.
  10. rat's pine

    Episode 440 - Pop-TarTender

    "Hi I'm Scott Aukerman your wonderful orifice" So that video is next level bonkers, the music choice and Todd's unwavering assuredness give it a very strong conspiratorial/cult recruitment vibe. I love it. He just wants to create a laid back environment that has been meticulously pre-planned beat-for-beat. Best part is when he makes such a big deal about the fridge light ruining the atmosphere in the preamble, then during the party he leaves the door wide open for a full 15 seconds and just puts what he took out right back in. Great ep also.
  11. rat's pine

    Episode 434 - Doubt About That

    That's a git song!
  12. rat's pine

    Episode 433 - Government Pizza

    Holy fuck. I was pretty proud of myself but you took it to a whole other level. This was one of those eps that started out kinda low energy, engineer cody sam fucked up and made it weird, then the second guest was ok but when the third guest came suddenly everything clicked and went into overdrive. I remember Gaul's last appearance (The 3 Year Diet) was exactly like that too.
  13. rat's pine

    Episode 433 - Government Pizza

    Mike America Great Again
  14. rat's pine

    Episode 433 - Government Pizza

    Felt like I was having a stroke hearing that copy at the top of the ep
  15. rat's pine

    Episode 432 - Dana Carvey's Micro-Impressions

    Anyone notice how the supposedly unoffended seem to write the whiniest forum posts? Just an observation. Anyway Dana was solid and Scott was clearly thrilled to have him. Anything he said that could be construed as over the line was almost immediately dialed back with some self-aware acknowledgement. Was a little disappointed when Gemberling didn't yes and the Little Button Puss animated short, maybe it was a bit foisted upon him but its rare to see famous first timers come up with premises like that. Overall everyone really seemed to jive together even though Tarver jumped in way too late. C+-