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  1. i'm halfway into this episode and the lesbo comedian is a horrible guest. i think "yes and" is a concept she's not familiar with as well as being funny. scott and paul are so on the same page that she feels like a very awkward 3rd wheel that's dragging everything down with her.
  2. preacherofdoom

    Episode 307 β€” Ruth’s Ross Dress For Loss

    the last ten minutes or maybe more of the tenacious d "interview"(40 minute plug for black's "supreme festival") was so boring. finally scott stopped endulging jack black and had lapkus and the other guy come on and save the show. it was hands down the worst ten minutes of comedy bang bang i've ever heard. black wasn't even trying to be entertaining during the end of the intro interview segment. he was just naming people one after another that would be appearing at his event. i felt myself dangerously coming close to falling asleep in my car while driving. i'm so used to hear lapkus laugh in the background while waiting for her cue to jump in, but it was dead silence from her. christ that part was so bad.
  3. preacherofdoom

    Episode 290 β€” Shed Busting

    so everyone enjoyed this performance and i'm the only one that didn't like it? i find that hard to believe. i'm comparing adomian to tompkins, sanz, daly, and lapkus. i've listened to 10-15 episodes, but multiple episodes of each of those improvers. adomian in this episode, the only one i've heard him in ever, went on super long jags just rambling. i don't think there is a comedian ever that can just start talking, have no idea what they are going to say next, and just ramble on for sometimes minutes at a time and actually deliver funny lines consistently. most of his stuff was just bad. he went on and on for so long, at time scott almost sounded like he was coming out of a deep sleep and suddenly he had to talk. there was no give an take. there was scott asking something and then blah blah blah horrible improv for minutes at a time. just rambling nonsense. i get it bush was hated, but that still doesn't make anything stupid said in his voice automatically funny. most of admomian's stuff here was cringeworthy. this to me was an example of improv gone bad. i understand it has to happen occasionally since it is all done live and basically curb your enthusiasm style. it has a basic framework with some plot points in certain episodes, not this one, that are planned ahead. however, it's mostly improv. it's not a hard concept to grasp and you don't need to listen to a hundred episodes to get it. this was bad improv. saying something funny 1 out of every 10 attempts is a trainwreck. i've heard enough of this podcast to "get it" and i'm still puzzled that i'm the only one to voice an accurate depiction of what happened. the todd glass keeping it real interview was very nice change of pace, but once the improv started it 95% bombed. i'll give adomian a shot once more, but with a quick hook if this is what he does every time. is it normal for you all to just lap up everything served to you no matter how good or bad it is on these forums?
  4. preacherofdoom

    Episode 290 β€” Shed Busting

    I'm new to this podcast and have listened to about 10 episodes so far. I really like the first half cuz it was different from the usual interview, but once that Adomian came in with his Bush impression i don't know how i stayed with it. he just rambled on and probably said something funny maybe 1 out of every 10 lines. it's my first time hearing him and maybe it was just a bad performance. i've heard horatio sanz a couple times, paul f. tompkins a few times, and daly once and they were all hilarious. adomian completely bombed here imo. i actually registered just to post this which i never felt compelled to do before. i just disliked the second half of it that much.