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  1. Here’s one from the inimitable Rick Moranis...
  2. I may have posted this one last year...
  3. I was going to post this one but went with The Ramones instead! Great (Cameron) minds!
  4. Yeah, this is my second for today...
  5. Can we all participate?
  6. Ladies and gents, this is the moment you've waited for (woah) We watched:
  7. Thank you, Slide! Cinco reminded me the other day I needed to create this thread, and well, you see how well that turned out
  8. Cameron H.

    Episode 227 - Double Dragon: LIVE!

    I’m super behind on the show, but that blows my mind! As soon as I saw the clown gang, my first thought was, “Oh, this is like The Warriors Jr!”
  9. Cameron H.

    Episode 227 - Double Dragon: LIVE!

    To all my Holiday Romance nerds, have you seen this????
  10. Cameron H.

    Episode 227 - Double Dragon: LIVE!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Paul, HDTGM, and everyone at Earwolf
  11. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 80 The Greatest Showman

    That’s what I mean though. The movie is almost entirely a work of fiction, so why tie it to Barnum at all? Does the Barnum name really carry that much cache in the 21st Century? And it’s not like the writers didn’t do their research. If the movie had been exactly the same except it starred Jackman as “Cecil the Circus Guy” would people have still gone to see it? Would it have even be green lit at all? Honestly, I wonder if the reason to put the Barnum name on it had anything to do with the impending implosion of the circus - which I believe ended the same year as this was released. I wouldn’t doubt it.
  12. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 80 The Greatest Showman

    Given the problematic reality of the real life Barnum, would it have been better if the movie was entirely fictitious? Would people care enough to see a completely fantastical Musical about a made-up 19th Century huckster, or does the movie need some sliver of reality to make it work?
  13. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 80 The Greatest Showman

    Hmm, good point. Maybe they didn’t realize she wasn’t good enough until after the fact? Maybe when the movie was nearly complete they realized she wouldn’t work? Regardless, it was the weakest song in the movie. A real snoozer. I would have rather that time have been to one of the other characters - like Efron and Zendaya.
  14. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 80 The Greatest Showman

    I think where the movie suffers for me is the Jenny Lind bit. Never mind that she was a real person whom the movie does dirty,* everything about her is kind of dull - her song and the whole plot line. I get why it’s there, but I think they could have dug a bit deeper to create the conflict she presents. *I don’t really have an issue with a movie taking an objectively bad person and twisting their ethos to create something positive, but I do get miffed if you take a real life good person and turn them into kind of a heel. I think there was a guy on the Titanic that happened to. I want to say, in the movie, it was the guy who shot at people trying to get to the lifeboats. Apparently, in real life, that guy was a hero and James Cameron made him a bad guy just because the scene required it. I mean, I guess you could just make a person up, but why bother when you can slander someone already in their grave?
  15. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 80 The Greatest Showman

    I get this, and understand how it can be a deal breaker, but I also there’s something to be said about fictive truth versus historical fact. It’s not like the *movie* is propagating his racist and intolerant beliefs. Honestly, I kind of get a kick out of the movie co-opting his life to tell a story counter to his own beliefs.
  16. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 80 The Greatest Showman

    Just to start off, I unabashedly love this movie. I love it’s use of modern music and CGI to create a larger than life spectacle. Everything looks and sounds so vibrant as a way of capturing the same sense of awe in a modern audience that witnessing the circus must have imbued in a 19th Century audience. For me, it’s extremely effective.
  17. Cameron H.

    Episode 226.5 - Minisode 226.5

    It’s also on Amazon
  18. Cameron H.

    Shameless Self-Promotion

    Hey, we appreciate that anyone listens at all. We actually touched on that a bit on (I think) the last Murder, She Wrote ep. The tone of that episode, Broadway Malady, felt really off and we wondered if it was originally written for another show (I guessed maybe Cagny and Lacey) and if maybe they tried to retrofit it to MSW. I have nothing to base that on. It just felt that way.
  19. Hey all, my wife and I just released the first episode of our podcast - Magnum, She Wrote - on Soundcloud! It will be coming to iTunes soon No obligation to listen, but I thought I'd throw this up here.
  20. Cameron H.

    The Best Years Of Our Lives

    I agree. I’m mostly of the mind of, “Eh, I’m not mad at it for being here, but I wasn’t exactly floored by it either.” I’m not going to fight for its inclusion/exclusion. Whatever you guys want is fine by me.
  21. Oof! Disney+ was super glitchy for us today. We were only able to watch about half of Mandalorian. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow so I can dive into all of the goodies