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  1. I disagree. No one “wished” for Wiig to become Cheetah, and she had already used her one wish. He asked her what she wanted, and using wish currency, made her an “apex predator (). This means he can use the power of a wish to do whatever he wants — even self serving things. Therefore, he should have been able to use one of the billions of wishes to easily rid himself of or depower WW.
  2. Even so, there are plenty of options. He could take away her power, he could give her amnesia, he could send her back in time, make her mute, break her leg, teleport her to Utah, etc etc. I guess the issue I have is no limits were placed on his power. He’s essentially omnipotent. And with a billion + wishes giving him a billion + power points (or whatever), it shouldn’t have been close. Like, he can turn Kristen Wiig into a Cheetah woman, but he can’t be, like, maybe I should get rid of one or two of those nukes so my son isn’t fried?
  3. I couldn’t understand why Lord didn’t use his power to cause WW to just...cease to exist or something.
  4. This sounds really cool. I love Oingo Boingo so it should be pretty interesting.
  5. I just watched Sonic, and I agree. Jim Carey was surprisingly decent.
  6. Listening to Boxer right now
  7. I do like The National, but I’m not familiar with much of their catalog. Just that I like what I’ve heard and been meaning to “get into” them. Thank you for all the recommendations. ETA: I’m loving that Laura Marling song.
  8. I’m need to check out your list. I wanted to give my music list, but all I had were Dylan, Springsteen, and McCartney. I was woeful in terms of keeping up with music in 2020.
  9. Since this is the new year and all, I would love to hear all of your Top Ten Whatevers (Movies, Books, Comics, Music, TV Shows, Whatever. My Top Ten Movies 1) Hamilton 2) Bill and Ted Face the Music 3) Onward 4) Palm Springs 5) The Lovebirds 6) Birds of Prey 7) New Mutants 8 ) Over the Moon 9) Soul 10) An American Pickle
  10. This would be awesome! I remember a while ago they were talking about releasing the original Old Dogs pilot with Scott and Kulap, but they had lost the file. I wonder if they would be interested in re-watching it again to see if they see anything different about it now. I would also be interested in an episode on that Bobby Long movie. I had never even heard of it.
  11. Still listening, but this is a real treat. I was wondering if anyone out there has any moments or bits from over the past ten years that have really stuck with them. For me, I cannot hear the word "sarong" without quoting Kroll from the FROM JUSTIN TO KELLY episode without immediately saying or thinking "a sarong never felt sa'right." Also, I am thankful for the show for putting me in touch with all of you amazing forum people (who are all objectively better than "normal" people )
  12. I meant to say earlier, but I really wanted agree with how deftly Gonzo and Rizzo weave in and out of the story. They provide exactly the right amount of exposition and humor. And when things take a turn to dark, they know to excuse themselves from the narrative.
  13. I don’t hate it. But, then again, it’s been included in every version I’ve ever seen, so it’s always just been a part of it for me.
  14. I will say, this was my eldest son's first time watching it. Neither he nor his brother have ever really been into Muppets, and he seemed to really enjoy. He was really invested. It was suitably creepy for a kid his age, too.
  15. I have to agree that this is probably my favorite version. And, having just read the book this year, it pretty well captured the feel. The book does bounce around from dark humor, horror, and joyousness, that I think The Muppets are uniquely able to capture. Muppets can be so many things, but you never have a trouble doubting that a crooked spider, a talking pig, and a, whatever the hell Beaker is, could all be inhabiting the same space in the same universe. Personally, I think my favorite Tiny Tim, or at least, the one that gets me the most emotional, is from Scrooged. Like you said, it's difficult to capture the proper level of pathos and childlike innocence with a real child actor, but I feel like Robin might still be a bit too cutesy. What I liked in Scrooged was that his issues were more cerebral. I find it far more believable that Scrooge's turn (or Cross in that case), can help Calvin (?) overcome his struggles far more easily than it will cure Tiny Tim of whatever ailment he was afflicted with. Plus, having a mute child's first words be "God bless us, everyone" (and Alfre Woodard's reaction) makes that moment that much more powerful. Growing up, I think my favorite version was Mickey's Christmas Carol. I still like it a lot, but I think it's only about 24 minutes or something so it doesn't quite have the weight of a full length movie.
  16. Cameron H.

    Episode 255. A Very Nutty Christmas

    I'm about to start my end of the year binge of as money movies I've missed over the year so I can arbitrarily rank them. Any suggestions of things I should see? They don't have to be good or bad. Just whatever
  17. What will it be @Quasar Sniffer? Unleash upon us your power!
  18. Cameron H.

    HDTGM Classics: The Return

    Everyone should watch A California Christmas - for sure.
  19. Cameron H.

    Episode 255. A Very Nutty Christmas

    Happy Holidays to all of you amazing forum people!
  20. Cameron H.

    Episode 255. A Very Nutty Christmas

    Someone asked that and this was the response:
  21. Cameron H.

    Episode 255. A Very Nutty Christmas

    I just realized some people may not be aware of this: Get on it and watch, what will be, a lost episode!
  22. Cameron H.

    HDTGM Classics: The Return

    I added a poll
  23. Personally, I think Harrison has a weirdest history with the Beatles. He seemed the most dismissive of it after the fact, but I also get the feeling he would have been happy to have kept going indefinitely with his one or two songs per album. Like, I don’t think he liked the crazy attention surrounding the Beatles, but, ironically, it was easier to hide in the background as Beatle George than be center of attention as Frontman George. I think that’s why he enjoyed being a part of the Wilbury’s too. He was playing with friends for fun, but he was just a part of the group and not the main person. I have nothing to back this up. Just the vibe I’ve gotten.
  24. Definitely complicated. There’s a Lennon interview where he talks about “How Do You Sleep” and how he and Paul were actually cool. I think they were definitely like family - they love each other, but could really get on each other’s nerves. I heard about the Harrison thing. It’s pretty sad. Lennon was angry for a while that Harrison had omitted him from his autobiography. He tried to reconcile, but Harrison had felt betrayed by Lennon. I’m not sure what the specifics were. Just, like, I needed you and you weren’t there, kind of stuff. He yelled at Lennon for a bit and that was that. They never saw each other again.