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    help remembering episode #

    I desperately need help figuring out what episode this is. Gino is on the episode and it tells a story about taking percoccets or xanax and drinking mikes hard lemonade and almost drowning at the beach and Scott cracks up and says "thats a good story". i've been laughing about it to my self for the past few days and it's driving me nuts. Anyone remember the episode #?
  2. Hayes and Tom talking about jagr is my favourite moment ever. The more sports references the better. I dislocated my shoulder at work today and no new HH was still the worst part of my day
  3. I was listening at work and was doing something and didn't grasp the lesley arfin Elaine Barkin joke hayes made at first so I went back 30 seconds and when he said "it's like what dogs are doin" I almost broke a rib stifling a laugh. Had to fake a coughing fit and I have been laughing about it since. Favourite Podcast joke ever. Congratulations Hayes.
  4. Dearest Sean and Hayes, As a simple Canadian, I am VERY interested in one of those neato america hats. May I buy one of you? Completely serious. Thanks bro's Yours always, Boy Genie
  5. boy genie

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    You don't have to spit snus. PS I know this isn't important or funny or in any way relevant to the pizza yall are talking about. but I want to know which one is my new best dipping buddy.
  6. boy genie

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    So I've been noticing this for a while now, I keep here someone spitting in a bottle during episodes, it's a pretty unmistakable sound if you're used to hearing it. It's obviously someone chewing tobacco, and I was wondering if it was Sean or Hayes or an engineer. Maybe I'm nuts but it is killing me to know.
  7. In the group picture is dom pushing his legs into the couch or does he have amazing calves sorry im a dumb dumb and cant figure out how to post the picture
  8. Holy smokes, I did not expect to get a reply from Hayes. Thorton is the Canadian spelling , we have a whole bunch of wacky rules up here (like we would say he plays centre, not center. and favourite is in Canadian spelling) Thank you for putting me in my place sir. PS I love all the hockey references in this thread. MORE, MORE, MORE.
  9. I'm probably alone on this, but when they were listing writers for White and Gold and Hayes said "that player who used to play for the LA Kings... Joe Thorton", it's the hardest I've ever laughed at a podcast. Just desperately trying to pull a former LA king. A+ episode Edit: It's funny because Joe Thorton plays for the San Jose Sharks and has never played for the Kings. My initial response was a Jimmy Pardo "IDIOT" blurt laugh followed by me laughing hysterically alone in my cubicle
  10. Sean was right about ISIS putting monsters in the sewer. Those SOB's already started their plan in Jail Island http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=bf8_1425398255 Also I dont like when my Sean and Hayes fight. I don't want my 2 dads to fight!
  11. Is Hayes gonna replace mitchell on modern family?
  12. boy genie

    Episode 59 — Paul Scheer, Our Close Friend

    when Hayes laughs when Sean says nanayo he sounds like goofy laughing and I find that down right delightful
  13. boy genie

    Episode 59 — Paul Scheer, Our Close Friend

    Big week for Boy Genie baby! Listened at work today, told a lady the goo fighters/ foo foo dolls story, she loffed and said i was random (RANDOM HUMOUR GETTIN THE LADIES WET). Thhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeen I got the pro version and a great prize. Im not gonna lie to you guys, hearing my name go out to what i can only imagine is millions and millions of people gave me an erection. Then getting a skellington kiss from buscemi made me very scared and sad and i had to call my mom to come pick me up. My stepdad told me skellingtons are only bones and not to be afraid but hes an idiot and I hate him EDIT: I was also very excited by the lacrosse reference in the script. need more lax in this show am i right bros?
  14. Is sean kanye west? asking for a friend also i want john mulaney to come on the show so play nice boyzzzz
  15. Why don't you write more genies into shows. And why dont they be boys With the liberal media announcing that a navy seal killed osama this week, and not Chris Pratt (EVEN THOUGH THERE IS VIDEO FOOTAGE IN THAT DOCUMENTARY WITH THE MEAN RED HAIRED LADY), is Chris Pratt mad or is he more worried about punching disanour butt in Jurasic perk Why hasn't anyone made a tv show about me