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  1. Q & A Paul, Forget brown paper packages wrapped up with string, what are a few of my favorite things??
  2. What bugged me was the scene where Tara Reid was helping the girl out of the hospital. In the scene she asks the girl to "take her hand", and because her left hand was eaten by the shark earlier, it had to be her right hand. That's all perfectly logical. HOWEVER! The entire time she leads the girl out of the hospital, Tara is standing on the right side of the girl, meaning that while they're running, she has to reach across her body to keep holding the girl's hand. They get so tied up, you can actually see both of them stumbling and tripping over each other as they're running. Wouldn't it make more sense for Tara's character to just be on the left side of the girl? At least that way when they run, their shoulders won't have to be constantly bumping into each other