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    Episode IV - A New Hope

    I'm liking the format of the Hooray Show. It really plays to Horatio Sanz's strengths and lets him be funny in a natural way. And Jerry Minor should have his own podcast--he's great.
  2. Hamburger Sandwich

    Episode 102 — Tango & Cash

    I watched this last night and haven't heard this episode yet but I hope they bring up the amazing editing in this movie. The .5 seconds of a motorcycle driving away on the stage at the club and the explosion at the FBI agents house were two examples that stuck out to me as being so bizarre they could have been explained as magical realism in a movie that was actually well made.
  3. Hamburger Sandwich

    Episode 319 — Return to Suicide House Part Gore

    I'm OK with "Monster Fuck" being CBB's version of Jay Thomas telling the Lone Ranger story and knocking a meatball off a Christmas tree on Letterman.