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    Episode 1602 - Andy Daly

    I have an account on pardcast.com but the option just to get this video episode is not available yet. I had never bought a full season, just single episodes (audio or video).
  2. EduardoTorres

    Andy's favorite topics

    Drugs, despicable sex acts and i think the plugs for Review. Man, i wish Daly decide to do another run with different characters or expand more of Dimello or Wilcox
  3. EduardoTorres

    Will there be new seasons?

    Well, he mentioned on an interview during the ATX festival on June that he was going to start writing for the 2nd season of Review on June and production on late July, my guess is that they could be wrapping by early December (before the holidays) and having a premiere around March. Man, i would love a second season for real. Here is the interview from Alan Sepinwall: http://www.hitfix.com/whats-alan-watching/comedy-central-renews-review-for-season-2-andy-daly-looks-back-on-his-great-debut
  4. EduardoTorres

    Will there be new seasons?

    First time posting here. I would love another season from The ADPPP. This was taken from this interview with the guys from the Superego podcast : http://splitsider.co...aul-f-tompkins/ "Matt, do you and Andy Daly have plans to bring back The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project next year? Gourley: It’s totally up to him, but the prospects look good. I don’t want to speak for him, but of course I would be game in a heartbeat." So my guess is that this is up to Daly. If it doesn't happen, i hope he guest appear the shit out of all the earwolf podcasts (WC?, CBB, I4H, SKLRBRCNTRY, NNF) and some others.
  5. Ian Roberts is so great everytime he guest on I4H. The guests on this episode were great, but if they had Andy Daly on, this could have been MADNESS!
  6. I real enjoyed this episode
  7. Is that Andy Daly's daughter? he only has 1 right?