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  1. tyroneslothrop

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHxPpgAzd3Y Woman really wants her hat back, man not impressed.
  2. tyroneslothrop

    EPISODE 191 — Drizzle, No Apologies

    I guess this Kozelek stuff kind of took on it's own life since the argument earlier this week, eh.
  3. I love his music, but I don't think I could handle listening to him on a podcast. He is a huge asshole.
  4. tyroneslothrop

    EPISODE 234.5 — 5/29/15 TWO CHARTED 173

    Howard and Stard talking smack/not seeming to know about Destroyer made me sad.
  5. Waxahatchee is amazing, as is her twin sister's band Swearin'. I'm so excited to hear this one.
  6. tyroneslothrop

    EPISODE 231 — Slow Dance Party

    The listeners in Japan must have loved this episode. Japanese chart and lots of Anne of Green Gables talk.
  7. tyroneslothrop

    EPISODE 231 — Slow Dance Party

    I don't get how a comedian you don't like on a free podcast can get someone so worked up. Why not just stick to "I'm not a fan of Armen's comedy" and leave it at that?
  8. tyroneslothrop

    EPISODE 349 — The 6th Anniversary Show!

    Hold on, was that an episode of The Almighty Daughter?
  9. tyroneslothrop

    Episode 109 - FACE OFF: LIVE!

    Incredibly disappointed no one brought up Scheer/Mantzoukas as their ideal pair for this movie. I think both of them would've killed either role.
  10. tyroneslothrop

    Episode 109 - FACE OFF: LIVE!

    Posted this before listening to the podcast... Face Waterfall is the perfect description.
  11. tyroneslothrop

    Episode 109 - FACE OFF: LIVE!

    Paul and June better start doing that vertical face wipe move on their kid ASAP.