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  1. Just realized that the logo is of a Slenderman and this whole show has an arc of actually turning Bang into a Slenderman/Bye Bye Man/Beetlejuice Man hence "monsterclass".
  2. anazgnos

    Episode 442 - Atlantis Dire Warning

    Fair enough, but this does glide past the sort of problematic associations that exist around a white guy doing an asian voice, as the Asian stereotype has long been used, if not as an outright object of ridicule, at least othering/exoticization in American comedy. I think the ep was funny but I also think the issues people are raising are 100% fair. If we're at the point of asserting that accent is a totally neutral thing that has nothing to do with either race or character, why then is the accent funny, or necessary at all? What is it bringing to the comedy, if not these racial or cultural associations?