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  1. heelociraptor

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    CORRECTION: Her name is not Myla.
  2. heelociraptor

    EPISODE 111.5 — Minisode 111.5

    I'm kind of upset about this. Jupiter Ascending was one of the worst films I've ever seen. Not "so bad it's good" but "oh fucking God this is so boring and terrible and nonsensical and awful, I'm really taking an account of my life to see how much I value my time vs how much I want to get my $10 worth of 'entertainment' from this." There have been a few movies the crew has done that they just plain didn't like and this one falls into that category for me. No redeeming qualities at all.
  3. heelociraptor

    Episode 101.5 — Minisode 101.5

    Scott Aukerman has been on for Sharknado, Sharknado 2, and Speed 2.
  4. heelociraptor

    Episode 99.5 — Minisode 99.5

    June's bafflement of what happens on a mini was delightful.
  5. heelociraptor

    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    So from that page I found out that he is in X-men First Class as "XO" - apparently a random guy on one of the boats at the end of the film. In my Google search to find out who the hell "XO" was, there was a link to a Daily Mail article that starts "X-Men star Jason Beghe..." I like to think Monkey Shines gave him enough clout to be credited as a star in a non-speaking cameo...
  6. heelociraptor

    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    Made something else swell. Nailed it.
  7. heelociraptor

    Episode 95.5 — Minisode 95.5

    She took the part with her bird PECKING OUT HIS FUCKING EYES way too lightly. When you're taking care of someone and your pet attacks, like, one of three parts on his body that's still working, show some goddamn sympathy, you witch.
  8. heelociraptor

    Episode 95.5 — Minisode 95.5

    I hope we get some real debate concerning: -Best use of "animal vision": Anaconda's snake vision or Monkey Shine's telepathic monkey vision -Best use or weird sing-songy voice to make a character seem bizarre: the mom/aunt in Sleepaway Camp or the mom in Monkey Shines (jk, Sleepaway Camp is ALWAYS the answer) Also, I'm sure Jason will have something to say about Alan eating that girl out while in a barn full of monkeys.
  9. heelociraptor

    Episode 94.5 — Minisode 94.5

    Wait, so are we saying that when you're trapped on a plane with no means of escape by someone in a position of power, he forces himself on you and you say no repeatedly (after having previously rebuked his advances), and then you finally submit...we're calling that that rape now? Well, agree to disagree, says Tyler Perry. Clearly it was the woman's fault, otherwise she wouldn't have gotten HIV, right? ...right? I don't remember 90% of this movie because I was trying the whole time to figure out if that was her.
  10. heelociraptor

    Episode 94.5 — Minisode 94.5

    So I'm assuming that you'll have Scott Aukerman on and then talk about a different movie, yes?
  11. heelociraptor

    Episode 91 — The 1st Annual Howdies Pt. 1

    Including the Twilights and Fast & Furiouses (Furiousi?) definitely skewed the box office totals toward the trillions.