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  1. Nice! About medical research using animal testing: I don't know enough about the effectiveness of the research or its necessity to have a strong opinion, but I do know that the overwhelming majority of animals killed/used are for food. It definitely can be hard to avoid all animal use (for example, plastic bags use animal fat as a slip agent), but it's definitely worth it to strive to do as much as possible, whatever that may be (in fact, 'as far as is possible and practicable' is included in the definition of veganism).
  2. In this very episode, Matty B expressed discomfort about the possibility of the cat video depicting animal cruelty. This is indicative of a few things that most people accept: 1) animals can feel pain (that is, they are sentient), and 2) causing animals to feel pain should be avoided whenever possible. Combine this with the fact that animal products are unnecessary for health or survival for almost everybody, and it becomes clear that the only justification for eating/using animals is a prejudice against the species that we choose to eat/use (they don't deserve moral consideration, or their pain is less important than our desire to eat/use them), even when it is clear that they feel just as much as the animals (and certain humans) we as a society go to great lengths to protect from pain. So, I identify using animals for food/clothing/experiments/etc to be based upon a prejudice (known as 'speciesism'). And because the logic you present in the quoted post, combined with what I presented in this one, was a huge catalyst in me changing my own habits, I'm curious if it has had (or will have) the same effect for you. Apologies if this is an unwelcome tangent.
  3. squoopy doops

    Episode 83 β€” Nick Kroll, Our Close Friend

    One of my favorite bits from the show is when Sean and Hayes talked about their love of Star Wars and the new Star Wars movie in the pre-guest segment of Episode 37: Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham, Our Close Friends. Everything from 2:40 on is the absolute best. Sean's "...POINTS!" kills me.
  4. squoopy doops

    EPISODE 349 β€” The 6th Anniversary Show!

    I have truly been with the show since day 1. In fact, I was the person that recorded and uploaded the mp3 of the very first CDRR show to the aspecialthing.com forums (with Scott's explicit permission!). At the time, it was a live-only radio show, not a podcast. And episode 7 may have been lost forever if it hadn't been for me. Same with episode 19. For fun, here's a relic from those days: a snippet from right before a PFT guest-hosted episode, where he talks over the very end of the previous show (Barely Legal Radio hosted by Joe Escalante, who, if I remember right, was integral in getting Scott started with Comedy Death Ray Radio): Comedy Death Ray Radio - 2009-10-02 (Snippet before the show) And that's probably enough horn tooting for me. Congrats on 6 years, Scott.
  5. squoopy doops

    Episode 76 β€” Hal Rudnick, Our Close Friend

    I don't think Joshie is going to like this episode. reference
  6. squoopy doops

    Episode 71 β€” Nicole Byer, Our Close Friend

    β€œI can be finding that the funny news can even be more actual and more information than the main news. And why am I be supposed to watch the main news, when the funny news, I’m being more smart on that show?” That's a busser.
  7. Episode 25 at ~15 minutes in
  8. Mary left off the best part about the Survivor format: the last 7-9 people that get voted out ultimately choose the winner, which means that players have to attempt to be devious while still remaining liked/respected by the people they are voting off. This in turn creates an infinite number of possible ways to win, and pretty much every winner up to this point (29 seasons in) has won in a distinctly different way (besides 2 time winner Sandra). If you have a million years to read about Survivor, the dynamic of jury management has never been more evident than with Russel Hantz in Survivor: Somoa (and also Russel Hantz in Survivor: Heroes vs Villains). Basically, there is an extremely deep hole you can go down with Survivor (for example, here's 80 hours of audio content talking about the strategy in the first 10 seasons of Survivor alone). It's understandable that it's laughed off by people that are unfamiliar with it, but it really is an outlier in terms of reality shows.
  9. squoopy doops

    Episode 65 β€” Dan Klein, Our Close Friend

    I'm not totally sure what's happening.
  10. I like Cashing In with TJ Miller and The Long Shot Podcast a lot, though I've fallen incredibly behind on both as of late.
  11. It's time for The Reality Show Show Clip of the Week This week's clip: Sean's High School Trip (from the guest segment of Episode 26 with Joe Spellman) Been considering posting this one for a while, and figured now would be a good time with it being brought up on the forums this week.
  12. squoopy doops

    Episode 62 β€” Jarrad Paul, Our Close Friend

    333 is half of 666 (proportion of the ratio, etc). Isn't it messed up how like Seitan never killed anyone in the Bible but everyone thinks he's a big bad guy?
  13. squoopy doops

    Episode 62 β€” Jarrad Paul, Our Close Friend

    It's time for The Reality Show Show Clip of the Week This week's clip is a classic: Vibes, Andy? from Episode 20 (a call-in episode) I hope this can serve as a cautionary tale for everyone calling in tomorrow.
  14. squoopy doops

    Episode 61 β€” Pauly Shore, Our Close Friend

    It's time for The Reality Show Show Clip of the Week This week's clip is a three-for-one: Sean goes in the ocean, No one listens, and The system doesn't work good (from the intro to Episode 31) I chose this because the Cereal podcast stuff this week reminded me of this George Zimmerman trial bit. Also because it's funny and good.