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    Episode 98.5 — Minisode 98.5

    holy shit yes! so excited for this.... who's the guest?
  2. KyleSmith

    Furious 7 trailer

    this movie looks like they took fast 5 and 6 and shoved them together with even more epicness. cant wait to hear the gang freak the fuck out......... adam scott yay!!
  3. KyleSmith

    so i was told my daredevil shirt was racist

    see i was told he looks like a terrorist with the bullseye on his head and beard. idk i love the shirt so much but feel weird when wearing it, like everyone is starring at me.
  4. KyleSmith

    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    i just finished this movie and yelled "what the fuck is happening!" this is the craziest movie ever. between a monkey and man make out, quadriplegic sex and a man ripping a monkeys throat out, i didnt know what i was watching........... for sure the most fucking crazy movie ive ever seen still cant believe who made this! ROMERO king of dead made this monkey shit and i couldnt not enjoy it more...... thank you HDTGM crew for always bring golden shit to light.
  5. because mantzoukas is brown with a bulls eye on his head. i tried defending stating that paul sheer is clearly daredevil and mantzoukas is greek, but they replied "to a non earwolf fan its not" i found this very amusing today and wanted to share
  6. KyleSmith


    ive gotta ask the question, how did adam sandler get this made? horrible movie with big actors, but just a pile of garbage. please review it guys