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  1. "Feed us your propaganda" - by the Elders of Zoltar https://soundcloud.com/eldersofzoltar/feed-us-your-propoganda
  2. I submitted this a year ago but it was never played. If you're in need of plugs themes.
  3. Gimme the news (Plugs) - By the Elders of Zoltar https://soundcloud.c...-the-news-plugs A plugs theme
  4. Loved it! But it was a missed opportunity for Talkin' Tang.
  5. "You know, usually in bed there's no chicken" Had me dying laughing.
  6. I love musician episodes!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  7. Here's our new song called: "Is this plug theme short enough for ya?.. Huh?.. Well, is it?" By the Edlers of Zoltar https://soundcloud.c...lders-of-zoltar
  8. eldersofzoltar


    I want to host an episode for the first 20 minutes, then Scott and Jason run in and fire me. But they really have to yell and be angry. Or Normal episode. But I get to be on for 20 minutes mid-way through. And after 20 minutes they really yell at me and tell me to leave. Either way, I want Scott and Jason to to ban me from being on the podcast.
  9. eldersofzoltar

    Surf School

    Surf School (2006) This movie is a complex puzzle.
  10. https://soundcloud.com/eldersofzoltar/plugs Its super short! "Plugs" - Elders of Zoltar