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  1. I walked out the footdoor and found that my new bycycle had been stolen and in it's place was a child's purple rusted Huffy. Out of spite, I fixed it up a bit and rode this POS down the block, bent wheels, squeaky gears and all. As I turned the corner I spot a couple guys getting of their bikes and one of them entered a convenient store while the other watched over the bikes. As I approach him and realize that this was in fact my bycycle, I yell "This is my fucking bike and I'm taking it right now!" I then throw down the Huffy and ride away in some ridiculous gear they had it set to. Vigilante Justice. Hope this makes the show. Regardless, it was the best feeling.
  2. What an excellent surprise to wake up and see an improv4humans featuring one of my top favorite artists, Joey Cape. Looking forward to the new album coming this Halloween. Besser & Cape, my heros. Great show everyone.