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  1. TyresOFlaherty

    Episode 304.5 - Sklarbro County 209

    All I need to know about ambergris I learned from Bob's Burgers.
  2. TyresOFlaherty

    Episode 405 - Space Chemistry

    After Scott informs Sir Alec and Irvin that they were both dead, Sir Alec: "I'm not dead. Not yet." Brilliant. Also, Superego was my reason for living. The fact that they released their final episode broke my widdle heart.
  3. TyresOFlaherty

    Episode 402 - Solo Bolo Trolo

    Hey! Where was Gary Marshall's "That's a good song!" at the end of the plug bag closing/opening theme?
  4. TyresOFlaherty

    Episode 397 - My Silly Moss Man

    I love how Scott can't help but drop the "Side by Side" bit on the poor Vicar of Yanks. Looks like Al has some CBB lore to brush up on....
  5. TyresOFlaherty

    Episode 397 - My Silly Moss Man

    Googled Weird Al + Run DMC. Was not disappointed.
  6. TyresOFlaherty

    Episode 126.5 - Minisode 126.5

    Wondered if this will sway you one way or another on Adam Driver, but it blew my mind that I had seen him before TFA: in OUTER . . . . SPACE . . . no less.
  7. TyresOFlaherty

    EPISODE 391 - 2015 Holiday Spectacular

    I was very disappointed (as I'm sure Gino was) that John Lennon was the first guest instead of one of the Baja Men.
  8. I see what you did there...dammit.
  9. Does anyone know what show Jeremy Carter was talking about? The bald Donald Trump with the hand puppet hair?
  10. TyresOFlaherty

    EPISODE 384 — Numbers Cannot Lie

    I am very concerned that Atherton Witherflower may never be immortalized on the Closing of the Plug Bag theme. He was so damn close...
  11. TyresOFlaherty

    EPISODE 384 — Numbers Cannot Lie

    All this talk about Satan and Andy Daly is nowhere to be found?
  12. TyresOFlaherty

    EPISODE 384 — Numbers Cannot Lie

    "There's always my way out...." Dammit, Scott...
  13. TyresOFlaherty

    Best Of 2015 Episode?

    Hey, what do you guys think about the Sklars doing a "Best of 2015" episode? I just wanted to ask the question and get the ball rolling. I love that they do this over at CBB, and would love to see the Sklars doing it. Maybe Johnny Carson(s) would host it? We could have: Fans voting on their favorite episodes, then the Sklars reveal final votes Sklars talk about their favorite moments/guests Favorite "celebrity" guest stars (Gumbel, Senator Ventura, etc) making appearances Vote for most Florida-esque County story that didn't actually take place in Florida etc... I'd be willing to help compile a list of fave moments for people to vote on. Thoughts?
  14. TyresOFlaherty

    EPISODE 275 — Wikifeet High and Rising

    So Adrian Peterson got his "bad shellfish" idea from the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous, right? I can just imagine him and the other Vikings all puking off a balcony simultaneously.....