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    Episode 100 — Junior

    Great podcast episode! Really made up for the fact that I was quite literally gagging throughout a lot of the movie. Did anyone else find it strange that Ms. Arnold S. was not examined or given a physical/check-up by an on-staff doctor at the pregnancy camp? Seems like something they'd probably be in the business of doing...
  2. brownbathrobe

    How Sponsors Sound...

    Gotta say I really enjoy Paul's promo-rants.
  3. brownbathrobe

    Episode 94.5 — Minisode 94.5

    *** SPOILER ALERT *** "Oh by the way, if you're wondering if the majority of the characters get HIV at the end of this movie... They do."
  4. brownbathrobe

    Episode 94 — Glitter: LIVE!

    The director was fully jerking it while he was recording that commentary track...
  5. brownbathrobe

    Episode 94 — Glitter: LIVE!

    I can't believe no one mentioned the crazy foreshadowing of Dice's death. Think about it... His name is "Dice", right? And what happens to him at the end of the movie? That's right. He Dice.