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  1. Bumpy

    Episode 610 - NutsStalgia

    Holly's last second "I have a nut allergy" makes her character even better. If they seriously amend the song I really hope some regulars who haven't heard this episode yet are on in the next couple of weeks.
  2. Bumpy

    Episode 605 - Full Ninja Rights

    I was thinking the same thing with Trombone Shitty last week. Scott probably just assumes if a character has been on the show before he's already said it.
  3. Campbell's hastily thrown together one joke characters sometime give off a real Foam Corner vibe.
  4. I have never heard Andy Daly speak uninterrupted for so long.
  5. Bumpy

    Episode 599 - 10th Anniversary

    No Hayes and Sean?! C-
  6. Bumpy

    Episode 585 - Lemons Is The New Black

    Really excited to see Matt's new film Under the Boardwalk! I didn't realize how much I missed Traci until we got a big old pile of her for a show. Also, it would appear the plugs bag closing theme is already beginning to legitimately break Scott. Should be a fun year.
  7. Bumpy

    Episode 583 - Batman Nine-Nine

    That daft boozer!
  8. Bumpy

    Episode 80 - Bobby Moynihan - Spotlight On: Mr. Pat

    For a second I thought Mr. Pat would reveal that he's Batman. I really REALLY needed to feel better right now, so thanks.
  9. Bumpy

    Episode 580 - Legend of Mr. Met

    That closing of the plugs bag is 42 seconds long. Over 52 weeks of shows that's a minimum of 36 minutes we're going to hear it in 2019.
  10. Bumpy

    Best of 2018 Pt. 2

    Shakespeare's Avengers vs. Shylock, the Wandering Jew!
  11. Bumpy

    Best of 2018 Pt. 2

    The Shakespeare cinematic universe is a legitimately brilliant parody idea.
  12. I fucking love these people together.
  13. Bumpy

    Episode 579 - 2018 Holiday Spectacular

  14. Bumpy

    Episode 578 - Right Off The Batman

    Cal being nice and polite is a genuine breath of fresh air. A real palette cleanser.
  15. Bumpy

    Episode 574 - That Dazzles Me Already

    You've fallen through a timewarp July. This was 575.
  16. Bumpy

    Episode 573 - Alfred Molina Flair

    That nearly 2 hour run time put me off and I feel like a Jack Jerk-off for almost missing this.
  17. Bumpy

    Episode 570 - The Dirty 27

    Scott's recent enjoyment of pushing guests for more information when they mention lists and such has been great.
  18. Bumpy

    Episode 568 - Literal Web

    It's just a really podcast.
  19. Bumpy

    Episode 566 - The Calvins Triplets

    Da... da.... ..... da.... da....
  20. Is it just me or is Marissa becoming incrementally more functional? Also, I am very, very concerned with how much truth there is in that ant story. That's not a funny anecdote you just 'think up'.
  21. If you're trying to imply Edi is just Scott in a wig then I want you to know I'm 100% in favor of hearing more on this.
  22. Bumpy

    Episode 562 - They'ven't Yet

    No one hollers funnier than Besser. Also, an easy mnemonic for stalactites/stalagmites: (1) Remember that a stalagmite 'might' fall. (2) Remember that the first part of this mnemonic is wrong. Stalagmites are the ones on the ground.
  23. Bumpy

    Episode 560 - 1-800 Jingles

    It was like hearing Jessica and Will do comedy while running through an obstacle course.
  24. With a lot of podcasts going behind the paywall I'm glad this gem is still free for everyone to enjoy without having to hand over their hard earned clams.
  25. Bumpy

    Episode 558 - Ship of Love

    How is Drew Tarver not an actual pop star?