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  1. Adam Scott Aukerman are back! They discuss seeing U2 live at the Rose Bowl, break down the setlist and talk about the Joshua Tree Anniversary Tour. We get a long anticipated Harry Potter update from Adam and much more! Buy new U Talkin' U2 To Me? t-shirts at podswag.com. This episode is sponsored by SeatGeek and Leesa.
  2. Andy Daly and Will Hines join Matt Besser this week for scenes about knock-off telemarketers, defeating an improv team with clever suggestions, and the “realest” Goofy at Disneyland. Later, we get an update on the Amherst mascot nominations, and a former Subway employee takes Matt to task during Case Closed. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace (www.squarespace.com code: IMPROV). 284 - Will Hines, Andy Daly (1:15 - 6:56) Intro Story - Getting calls from numbers you don’t recognize - Will takes calls from relentless solicitors (7:30 - 15:41) Twitter Suggestion - Poaching - A chef distracts from the illegality of his food by describing the preparation techniques (15:45 - 24:11) Question from Listener - “What’s the hardest word you ever had to do a scene to?” - The audience tries to defeat an improv team with the suggestion “suggestion” (24:17 - 36:01) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Being afraid to laugh at something because it could be offensive - A southern grandpa is offended when people are insensitive to his culture (38:14 - 45:45) Crap on Youtube - “Tinkerbell in Tears After Disneyland Spat” - Meeting the “realest” Goofy at the park (46:44 - 1:03:04) What the Fuck Is Going On? - Amherst mascot removal - Sports fans get more excited about the team name than the team (1:03:13 - 1:29:23) Case Closed - Guy wants to fight Besser over subway video - Taking the “no shirt, no shoes” sign too literally
  3. Kevin Bartelt

    Episode 310 - Returning Scallops

    No. 5: Schoolboy Q featuring E-40 with “Dope Dealer” No. 4: Harlea with “Miss Me” No. 3: Black Caviar “New York, What’s Happening?” No. 2: Run the Jewels with “Talk to Me” No. 1: Zeds Dead featuring Rivers Cuomo and Pusha T with “Too Young” Follow Who Charted on Twitter, too. I think someone posts the music on a Spotify playlist.
  4. Kevin Bartelt

    Earwolf is selling a special mixer!

    Hello listeners! We have a new and unopened mixer that we're selling. We wanted to reach out to our awesome fans first to see if they're interested. It's a Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 Mixer, and we're selling it for $800. You'll get a special autographed sheet of many of your favorite Earwolf hosts. Each one of our prolific engineers has touched the packaging! Lead Engineer Brett personally humped it. Just for you! Plus, many famous people have possibly glanced at the mixer in the Earwolf lobby. Here is a link with more information about the mixer. Let us know if you have any questions.
  5. Southern rock musician Michael Dean Damron joins Will Hines, Mike Hanford, Anthony Atamanuik, Craig Rowin and Matt Besser for a music episode of improv4humans. Michael's songs inspire scenes about a man who wants to take a woman's foot in marriage and a boy who pitches a musical toilet to his toys. Plus, restaurant employees get excited over a customer who finally says the name of their food combo.
  6. Banjo player Al Scorch joins Charlie Sanders, Horatio Sanz and Seth Morris for a live episode of improv4humans with Matt Besser at UCB Sunset. Al's songs inspire scenes about a Coast Guardsman who struggles down the badass totem pole. A Crap on YouTube video helps create a scene about a feminist ladybug that transitions into a man bug. Plus, a comedian's career shows signs of improvement when he finds his perfect audience.
  7. Comedian Steve Agee joins Randy and Jason on this week's Sklarbro Country. They discuss kidney stones, the rules of honking and having perspective as a performer. The Sklars bring a Quick Hit of the Pittsburgh Steelers' robotic practice dummies. Later, Randy and Jason drop by resident fantasyologist Jesse Thorne's studio to learn about lesser-known fantasy leagues.
  8. Great news! Kevin finally saw "Purple Rain." He discusses the film with Kamau and actor/returning guest J. August Richards. Before they dive into the film, they talk about "Training Day" (the show), J.'s role in the upcoming ABC drama "Notorious" and Madonna's tribute to Prince at the Billboard Music Awards. Then, they break down several memorable scenes in "Purple Rain," including the good and the bad
  9. Will Hines, Stephanie Allynne and Alex Fernie join Matt Besser on this week's improv4humans. A ghost writer struggles to transcribe a vague musician, and a classroom discussion about a hypothetical flood gets out of hand. Also, Stephanie's friends try to convince her to partake in activities at abnormal times. Later, a Hillary and Bernie supporter debate if the presidential candidates should join forces against Trump during Case Closed.
  10. Kevin Bartelt

    Episode 286 - Mic Chew, One Tech

    Kulap and Howard record a special episode in Stard Alley Studios. During Spotify's Global Top 5 Songs chart, actress and musician Tawny Newsome joins the gang and discusses her upcoming album. They talk about "Girls" and Howard's interesting experience at a T.G.I Friday's in the iTunes Top 5 TV Show Seasons chart. Plus, Kulap describes her trip to New York, and Howard talks about his shows in Atlanta and Asheville during Two Charted.
  11. Comedian Nick Youseff joins Randy and Jason on this week's Sklarbro County. Nick discusses his upcoming stand-up album, "1982," and growing up in Los Angeles. Daniel Van Kirk brings County Stories of a man held at gunpoint to use his bathroom and Domino's employees who called 911 after a loyal customer mysteriously stopped ordering. Later, Robert Durst leaves a voicemail to promote his new sweater company "Don't Sweater the Small Stuff."
  12. Kevin Bartelt


    Whoever would like to participate in a Case Closed on the topic "should Bernie now unite to fight with Hillary against Trump" can do so. We are doing a Case Closed this Wednesday at 11:30 am (PT). If you'd like to participate, email improv4humans@earwolf.com. Please include your name (or username) and phone number so we can call you up. Thank you.
  13. If not, it's probably by Dragoon.
  14. You're So Negative by Dragoon ?