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    Episode 133 - The Quest

    in addition to being the leader of a band of boy thieves, complete with newsie hat, the idea that van damme is intended to be playing a younger character is supported by the fact that maxie continuously refers to dubois as "the kid," despite the actors being only 7 years apart in age.
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    Episode 133 - The Quest

    yes, paul and the others were confused about this. the telegraph is not giving the reporter permission to cover the tournament; it contains the information about where and when maxie is arriving, and more importantly, who will be there to receive him. dubois is only able to find the tournament because he intercepts maxie's welcoming committee and takes their place. dubois reluctantly partners with roger moore because he needs help learning where the tournament will be held, which moore only accomplishes through his connection to the reporter. if dubois had not run into moore, or if moore's flirting had not successfully recruited the reporter into his permanent entourage, dubois would still be stuck in the bangkok underground fighting circuit. the only useless member of the group is smythe. all he accomplishes, aside from an oft-repeated shared look of "here we go again" with moore, is to be so ineffective at climbing a blimp ladder that moore can't manage to escape in time, condemning them both to death.
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    Episode 133 - The Quest

    maxie defers his place in the tournament to dubois, saying "this man is a better fighter than me," based on a single encounter where each man hits his opponent in the face exactly once, which dubois only manages because he first kicks maxie, despite this having started as a fistfight.
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    halloween suggestions

    i'm gonna meet that truck this month at the tidewater comic con in virginia beach. http://tidewatercomicon.com/tim-shockey-the-goblin-project/
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    HDTGM?-like Podcasts

    on cinema with tim heidecker and greg turkington. it's a tv show now, but it started as a podcast. also, it'll take some digging, but sometimes kevin smith will spend whole episodes of various podcasts describing and critiquing whole movies. it happened with dark knight rises and man of steel, fro example.
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    Episode 94.5 — Minisode 94.5

    just stopped by to make sure that going into this, everyone is aware that the female lead in this movie is michelle's friend from full house:
  7. i know this is a strange request, but i'd love to see the HDTGM crew eviscerate the terrible pilot for the new batman series, Gotham. so far i haven't seen a review that i felt articulated just how thoroughly inept this idea was executed. i know it's a long shot, and i'm probably making a forum faux pas, but i'd love to hear the team give this shitty piece of art what it has coming to it. i'd at least buy a t-shirt as a thank you. i might even make a big donation.
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    HDTGM Special Edition: Gotham pilot

    i'm not a superfan who had specific demands one way or the other; i would have been fine with them changing the story as much or as little as they wanted. i went into this thing with low expectations, and i had no huge issues with the basic plot they chose or the world-building, but the details of the execution itself were laughable. it felt like someone programmed a robot to mix and match cliche scenes from other police procedurals in order to generate a script. - a criminal steals a cop's gun in the police station. - the partner asks to be reassigned. - the main character's father is a hero. - the good cop is told to commit the murder. and since we have it, why not cast the script robot in the lead role? i also want to point out that the co-executive producer and director of the pilot is they guy who made Judge Dredd and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.
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    Episode 94 — Glitter: LIVE!

    WTF. i'm pretty bummed to find out that the voice i heard on that commentary is someone i otherwise respected. deep cut: this is the actor who played a transgender woman in season 1 of ER, who (ER spoilers) jumped of the roof, killing herself, because she couldn't "pass" with that face. the most interesting thing, though, is that the actor returned to the show in a later season as a totally unrelated recurring character.