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  1. THEORY: Willow and Aykroyd are father and daughter. Aykroyd celebrates that Celeste is a virgin. Willow is super creepy supportive of her father boning said virgin. There are 0 cats in this movie, in fact they have a dog... to keep cats away. ... they are Sleepwalkers, puterinabrah!!
  2. Kaminski

    Episode 154.5 - Minisode 154.5

    As someone who grew up in Florida... is it common for school hockey teams to not have uniforms?
  3. Kaminski

    Episode 154.5 - Minisode 154.5

    Ok, let me get this straight... He can't go to Australia for 6 months because he would miss school. So instead he'll miss school and head to Cincinnati, OH?
  4. Kaminski

    Episode 132.5 - Minisode 132.5

    OK y'all, I was 1/3 of the way through this (you know when they actually reveal some point to the movie) and I thought, "What about the matrix??" The Jean Claude Van Damme Review Matrix (JCVD-RM) 1.Who is he? Frank Dux Christopher Dubois, American martial arts expert 2.Which family member/friend must be avenged? Siam's fighter, you know, the fighter you barely remember from minute 24. 3.Does he take his shirt off? Not as much as Quest 4.Does he have sex with a C-List actress? NO! 5.Is there a tournament? Yes, secret tournament for a golden dragon. 6.Is training needed for this tournament? No...he's already awesome 7.Does he do the splits in training or in the tournament? NO! 8.Does he punch someone in the balls? NO! 9.Does he do a series of flying or 360 kicks? NO! 10.Is his enemy unbeatable? KHAN!!!!!! (Mongolia) 11.Does he overcome an injury or other hindrance? Nope 12.Does he win? You know it!
  5. Kaminski

    EPISODE 118.5 - MINISODE 118.5

    My mid western family was the same way, so I had never used one. But I dated a girl whose father used one and I was quite impressed with how easy and quick it was! I have never used ones though.
  6. Kaminski

    EPISODE 112.5 — Minisode 112.5

    I want them to do a TMNT counter podcast. its too good! its Crank good!
  7. Kaminski

    EPISODE 112.5 — Minisode 112.5

    I watched the Ooze... then I thought... oh god this can't be my childhood. Then I watched the first movie... so much better! They actually draw their weapons!
  8. Kaminski

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    Legal Omission! 1. Jupiter gains title to the Earth and owns it. But somehow Balem can steal her family with impunity? If your mom deeded her house to you, your brother can't go in and start ripping out the copper pipes. Where are the space police? Why won't they intercede? 2. What kind of crazy laws do they have that title can change if someone shows up in the future? Again, your mom dies. [sorry mom]. Her will says, "I leave everything to Balem... unless my clone shows up someday." How could this ever work? Either Balem holds it in Trust for the future self, in which case he NEVER really owned the Earth. Or their legal system makes no sense and you can lose your property if the genetic lottery produces a reoccurrence. 3.) Why does Balem get anything at all? If you murder someone in the US, you lose the right to benefit from their estate. Regular Omission: I hated how they kept talking to Jupiter like she was a reincarnation of the Mom. It was just a genetic match with mom, it doesn't mean Jupiter remembers Balem killing a completely different person.
  9. Kaminski

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    They stated that Earth was just now entering its "Genetic Age" where presumably the genes were good enough to bottle. As a side note, its well known that 108 humans go in one bottle of soylent water. But if you grab some middle ages people... whew you'll be bottling all day long its more like 250 / bottle. And really it doesn't work as well =D
  10. Kaminski

    EPISODE 111.5 — Minisode 111.5

    My god, I thought when Wolfie said "I want to get my wings back," he meant pilot wings... Jokes on me. I agree the audio is all over the place, they are either mumbling through dialog or action scenes are blowing out my speakers. I watched it while I cleaned up the kitchen... so the movie wasn't an entire waste =D
  11. Yes! But its not whether he would replace another character... just whether if you added a lovable huckster to the cast, would it make the movie better.
  12. I will go ahead and assume that by "jarring" you meant Jason was so good you could literally bottle him up in a jar of awesomeness! Otherwise, why are you listening to this podcast?
  13. Kaminski

    EPISODE 110 — The Island of Dr. Moreau

    I watched the entire movie thinking David Thewlis was Michael Palin (whom I called Terry Gilliam on the mini-sode forum)... I am ashamed...
  14. Kaminski

    EPISODE 109.5 — MINISODE 109.5

    Ok this is the most costly episode I've ever had... but so worth it! I ended up watching the documentary as well SOOOO coool. The original director lived in the woods and became an extra in the film! Its nuts!
  15. Kaminski

    EPISODE 109.5 — MINISODE 109.5

    Now that we have broken the prohibition on doing amazing movies, hopefully this will get its week in the sun!