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  1. I think Hollywood itself thanked you the only way it can, by taking a steaming dump right on your chest. I was listening to this episode last night and was so psyched to hear that. These guys are twisted, ya know? So twisted. It's fucked up. I would say there's no greater honor then having these Hollywood moguls just taking the biggest shit on you. They're so twisted though, in their heads.
  2. Just when you think Ducca can't get any better, you find out he's a Daniel Johnston fan. Fucking-A, Bob. Fucking-A.
  3. At least Neil Armstrong-dong doesn't sound so bad.
  4. BenSturkey

    Earwolf Radio?

    Very excited about the prospect of Earwolf radio, but haven't had any luck accessing it. Is this a problem on my end or is the future of radio yet to be launched?
  5. BenSturkey

    Earwolf Radio?

    Aw man, well thanks for letting me know. Didn't see that information anywhere on the 'Radio' part of the site.
  6. BenSturkey

    Episode 205.5 — 11/07/14 TWO CHARTED 144

    Another consistently great Who Charted? from Howard, Kulap and the illustrious Stard.
  7. Can't get over that. This episode is definitely an instant classic, an earwolf gem!
  8. Wasn't really intentional, but I guess it was a power move now that you mention it. Some things are just too real to ever allow to fade into handbook history. Hollywood moves at a million miles a minute, like every five minutes. It's treasures like this we must never let go.
  9. BenSturkey


    Figured as much, it's a real shame that quality content isn't more profitable on that platform. I'm wondering if a kickstarter campaign would be possible to secure another season or two of VPN. I think the vast majority of Earwolf fans would love to have more of the podcasts we love with video if we were given a chance to back it. I would definitely support it. VPN and Comedy Bang Bang introduced me to the world of Earwolf, and I know there are millions of others who have yet to discover this lovely podcast utopia and know true fulfillment.
  10. Sounds like Ducca is going through a rough time, I pray these dark forces will leave you be Bob.
  11. Loved the dog pack story and I really learned a lot overall, thanks Ducca. Favorite moment 40:50 "HEEEEELP. HEEEEELP"
  12. BenSturkey

    The Death of Topics?

    Topics is back! Hooray!
  13. BenSturkey

    Episode 49 — Topicon

    My god, my day just got great. So glad Topics is back. Thank you, Michael, Michael and Earwolf.
  14. BenSturkey

    Episode 1 — Welcome to Who Charted

    What a beautiful first podcast, almost as smooth as the episodes now.
  15. BenSturkey

    Episode 2 — Monkey with a Firecracker

    Gotta be an all time favorite.
  16. While I agree with you in a sense, I don't think there's anything wrong with some constructive criticism. The dude clearly went out of his way to be gentle with it, and even said he likes her over all. Come on, mate.
  17. BenSturkey

    Episode 204.5 — 10/31/14 TWO CHARTED 143

    Seriously! I was so disappointed to hear that, and would relish that opportunity. I have so many questions for that fellow. He's firmly positioned in the belly of the beautiful beast that is Earwolf, and I'm interested to learn more of how to follow in his illustrious footsteps. Howard's spider story is almost certainly some sort of hoax, so you arachnophobes can rest easy. http://io9.com/no-a-spider-did-not-burrow-under-a-mans-skin-and-live-1647314968 Kulap's story is unfortunately true, but it's not like that happened overnight. I suspect that house was vacant for a long time and thats when all that happened. I don't have arachnophobia, but the thought of having thousands of recluses in my home is nightmare inducing. The bite from those things is the most gnarly shit I've ever seen.
  18. BenSturkey

    Episode 126 — Their Name Is Korn

    Brett, I tried to be surgical with the isolation of those tracks, as your production was masterful. I apologize if I crossed a line there in an attempt to make that performance more iPod friendly. Great respect for what you do, I removed that download link I posted.
  19. BenSturkey

    Future Topics Suggestions

    What are some Topics everyone would love to hear Michael & Michael unpack for us? There is an entire world of topics that have yet to be truly explored to a minimum of 80%. I think that is an immeasurably profound realization and I'd really love others to expand on that. Some suggestions of mine are Plagiarism Allies & Enemies Drugs Vacation Conspiracy Theories America Mascots Symbols True Love Water Sports Sports Kids Staying Organized Alien Abductions Education
  20. BenSturkey

    Episode 126 — Their Name Is Korn

    I can send you a couple different versions I have of "Big Trucks" if you have Skype. There's a version on Stations EP, The Only Reason I Feel Secure, and It's Hard to Find a Friend which you may find to be closer to this.
  21. Showalter would be great too, that lovable bastard.
  22. BenSturkey

    Michael & Michael Have Issues

    Key & Peele just released a new sketch which I find to be eerily similar to a great sketch from Michael & Michael Have Issues. Anyone else think the new Key & Peele sketch is a bit of a rip off? Key & Peele is probably one of the funnier shows on CC right now, I was disappointed to see an idea so similar to something that was all ready done so well. Of course it's entirely possible it's just a coincidence... or could it be a case of the Danes? To the polls! Michael & Michael Have Issues Ep. 6 "Super Mattress Sale" CLIP http://www.cc.com/vi...r-mattress-sale Key & Peele Ep. 4.3 CLIP
  23. BenSturkey

    "Please, Get My Back On This Guys."

    It's a lot more then pointing a couple cameras. If you look at the production quality of VPN as a whole, you'll see that a great deal of effort and money was probably invested. I get the feeling that Slott Stockerman is a perfectionist, and he doesn't want to settle for less then production of that quality. My guess is it wasn't cost effective. That being said, I personally would gladly settle for a barebones version of an Earwolf video podcast.