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  1. Well we know from the movie that the in flight entertainment was to annoy bologna sandwich by farting and blowing smoke rings
  2. I have an omission During the scene where Billy Zane steals a horse and is then pursued by two motorcycle cops, he leaps a hedge with the horse. This is perfectly plausible. We all know that horses are adept and leaping over obstacles. However, the two cops on motorcycles ALSO leap over the hedge. So my question is, are we to assume that 1940's motorcycles had the ability to go go gadget jump over things or are we to assume that 1940's New York was littered with random ramps?
  3. Mongoose6

    Episode 141.5 - Minisode 141.5

    Just finished watching the Phantom (It's on Netflix BTW). I really liked how everyone in the move had a super power. The power to unerringly locate anyone at any time no matter how fast they are traveling or what means of transport they are using.
  4. Mongoose6

    Episode 135.5 - Minisode 135.5

    I normally end up enjoying the movies from HDTGM. This one however.....ugh. I think a majority of my dislike for the movie stems from Rowdy Roddy Piper substituting awkward fake smiles for any attempt at acting. Reaction to this? Awkward fake smile. Response to that? Awkward fake smile.
  5. Mongoose6

    The Last Dragon (1985)

    I came here to suggest this movie and here it is! We NEED an episode on this movie. I recently walked into a crowded movie theater and shouted "Am I the meanest?" and noone responded with Sho'Nuff. No one. What has this world come to.
  6. Mongoose6

    Episode 134.5 - Minisode 134.5

    Unfortunately I was born with an ass for a face so I guess I'll have to look for acceptance elsewhere.....and also save my comments about the movie itself for the full episode thread I will say this. I'm a heterosexual man and I'm very comfortable with my sexuality, but I would straight give it to 1986 Jason Patric.
  7. Mongoose6

    Episode 134.5 - Minisode 134.5

    I'm not sure about the etiquette for this forum. May I discuss the film or would that be spoiling things for others?
  8. Mongoose6

    Episode 95.5 — Minisode 95.5

    Yeah is that like a real thing? The conginital paralysis defect? (not the monkey telepathy, I know that's real) I should get myself checked out just in case. Also, if that were true, then Geoffrey would also need a spinal defect to monkey meld and not just an injection? I dunno lol. I think he was there to establish that Geoffrey was in a time crunch and getting a bit desperate to produce results.
  9. Mongoose6

    Episode 95.5 — Minisode 95.5

    I do remember that scene, but I don't think we can assume that Geoffrey ever injected Allan. It would be too easy to explain that off in the movie to simply omit it as an occurance.
  10. Mongoose6

    Episode 95.5 — Minisode 95.5

    Not only that, but apparently anyone could mind meld with the monkey simply by injecting the syrum. Allan never took the syrum though. That was actually my biggest complaint with the movie, they just kinda half assed the explanation of all of that. Ella gets injected with random human brain cells, forms a telepathic link with allan as a result, but then Doug can get inside Ella's head by simply injecting the syrum into himself?
  11. Mongoose6

    Episode 95.5 — Minisode 95.5

    I think the unshaven lady thigh close ups were nessecary in order to let us know that 1. Allan isn't averse to putting his mouth near anything hairy and 2. Even in his current medical state, Allan has strong neck muscles that give him the ablility to whip his mouth to and fro.
  12. Mongoose6

    Episode 95.5 — Minisode 95.5

    Touche! Good lord lol, what a crazy ass sex scene.
  13. Mongoose6

    Episode 95.5 — Minisode 95.5

    He doesn't get any though. She simply uses his face as a sex toy and that's it. Seems like a uniquely unsatisfying relationship.
  14. Mongoose6

    Episode 95.5 — Minisode 95.5

    My hands down favorite line from the movie "You're a clinical cunt!"
  15. Mongoose6

    Episode 95.5 — Minisode 95.5

    I don't think we actually see him hitting the ground, just doing that perfect gymnast spin through the air whilst spewing bricks from his backpack. We do get a close up of one of the bricks shattering on the asphalt, I think your theory is not only possible, but highly probable.