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    Repo Man (1984)

    This film is wonderfully bonkers, but comes by it honestly, which defies the primary criteria of HDTGM. There are some films achieve their mania intentionally and unintentionally (Vampireโ€™s Kiss, for one), but not our dear sweet Repo Man.
  2. That character was insane. And it killed me in his second scene when the dad joins Nick to pay for the olive oil. He says, "I got a little woman at home who loves everything lathered up in oil... That's the best thing about the holidays, no guilt. (leaning into Nick) Right son?" Then we cut back to the clerk looking on in disgust. So presumably he now thinks this is some incestuous orgy, and that crosses the line for his small town store clerk sensibilities. All that to justify him pulling a gun on Nick moments later.
  3. They could honestly dedicate another entire episode to this 100 car pileup of a movie and have no shortage of material. What restaurant would place a loaded gun right behind that tiny counter in easy access to everyone? Even if it was just in a glass case or in the back office, that would 1000x more plausible. Also, I cannot get over the moment when "Dad" meets Nick and says they thought MJH "liked the innies and not the outies." No wonder the parents are having trouble in the bedroom if he's still using preschool terms for genitalia.
  4. GalenHoward

    Episode 133 - The Quest

    For the record, someone needs to cut together a Quest/Runaway Maxie/Ramsay remix.
  5. GalenHoward

    Episode 132 - Bloodsport: LIVE!

    I think it's worth mentioning that the director's name was Newt Arnold(!) and was primarily an assistant director who went on to work on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (which definitely could have used some Kumite).
  6. GalenHoward

    What songs would be on your HDTGM all star soundtrack

    Far From Over - Frank Stallone (Staying Alive) Nowhere Fast - Fire, Inc. (Streets of Fire) Main Theme - John Carpenter (Halloween III) Just Hanging Out - Damien Carter (Birdemic) Stay Out of My Bedroom - Dolly Parton & Stallone (Rhinestone) Who Made Who - AC/DC (Maximum Overdrive) Pandemonium - The Pharcyde (Street Fighter) Bonestripper - Damn Yankees (Nothing But Trouble) Valkenvania Suite - Michael Kamen (Nothing But Trouble) Rough Stuff - Buster Poindexter (Mr. Nanny) Walk the Dinosaur - George Clinton & The Goombas (Super Mario Brothers) Hudson Hawk Theme - Dr. John (Hudson Hawk) Goodnight But Not Goodbye - Bea Arthur (Star Wars Holiday Special)
  7. GalenHoward

    Slapstick (Of another kind)

    Yes, for the love of all things sacred. Please oh please oh please.
  8. GalenHoward

    Vibrations (1996)

    Yes, yes and also yes. The plotline is truly insane and played completely straight. It's as though someone found a rejected Alex Cox script from the 80s and made it for a 90s audience. So much potential here.
  9. GalenHoward

    American Breakdown

    This is a compilation of previously made shorts, which I made the dubious choice of suffering through myself. More of a sleazy marketing ploy than a bad movie.
  10. GalenHoward

    North (1994)

    A thousand times yes! It's the kind of film that gets uncomfortably too adult for children while simultaneously insulting their intelligence (and everyone else's of course). And it's one of the more garish examples of 90s films that brought back the "cast of thousands" trend. Far too much fodder here to overlook.
  11. GalenHoward

    Clifford (1994)

    Oh goodness yes. The premise is insane, the execution upsetting and the result is a trainwreck too gruesome not to discuss. This gets my vote and then some.
  12. GalenHoward

    Mad Max: Fury Road

    Sorry, no. The film is bombastic and miles over the top, but they establish the rules of the universe and stick to them, and the level of invention here buries any lapses in logic you might find. Even those films in the TGTGM camp have enough serious flaws in the stortytelling or other aspects of production to carry an entire episode. That would be a steep mountain to climb here.
  13. GalenHoward

    EPISODE 110 โ€” The Island of Dr. Moreau

    According to the documentary, once Nelson de la Rosa (the smallest man) was befriended by Brando, he gained an air of entitlement and propositioned one of the sow ladies and punched Marco Hofschneider (M'Ling) in the crotch without provocation.
  14. GalenHoward

    Episode 96 โ€” Monkey Shines

    I loved when they attempted to make a poignant/humorous moment out of Allan's inability to get an erection: Geoffrey: Hey, if she walks out on you now, fuck her. Allan: I can't. (long ruminative pause)