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    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    Amazing episode. I have one omission: How in the hell did Ella burn alive The Tucc and that Clinical Cunt? The monkey cam shows The Tucc getting in the cooch and Ella starts a fire under the bed. So that means both people (assuming it wasn’t some freaky Tucc threesome) were awake at the time the fire was started. In actuality once the fire started they would have stopped having intercourse, smelled the smoke, and then would have immediately left the room to finish up in the hallway. Fire just doesn’t magically engulf things without first dousing the item with something extremely flammable; it takes time to get bigger. I didn’t see a gas can in Ella’s other hand. The only logical explanation is that during the sex Ella snuck in, boarded up all the windows, locked all the doors from the outside, then escaped through the heating vent once the fire started.