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  1. God Damn Monkey

    Streets of Fire (1984)

    One of Willem Dafoe's earlier films. It is a period piece, it is a musical, it is a biker movie. IT IS A ROCK N ROLL FABLE. It is also 100% crazy. Starring Michael Pare' and Deborah van Valkenburgh of B-movie fame. It also has heavy hitters like Dafoe, Diane Lane and Rick Moranis playing against type, as a tough in a zut suit. Directed by the guy who directed WARRIORS. Produced by the people who produced 48 Hours The music from the movie is widely described as sounding like "Lady Meatloaf" but was Written and composed by Stevie Nicks, Rye Cooder and produced by future heavy hitter Jimmy Iovine. And it is still totally crazy. That is my favorite combo. Movies that had the talent, should have been gold, but just never came together. The question shouldn't be How did this get made? but rather How did these people recover and still have huge careers.
  2. God Damn Monkey

    Mortdecai (2015)

    I love the idea that Paltrow turned down Age of Ultron because she was already committed to this turd. "Sorry Joss, Depp needs me" unfortunately Paul Bettany was in both movies. So I doubt that was the case.
  3. God Damn Monkey

    Mortdecai (2015)

    When I saw the trailer for this I shrugged it off, thinking "Depp has kids. Lots of celebs make movies that their kids will like." But this movie is Rated R So I have no idea how this one got made.
  4. God Damn Monkey

    Dead Alive AKA Braindead (1992)

    Dead Alive Meet the Feebles Bad Taste those are actually all of them. I liked the Frighteners (I only check 10 pages, they might already have been suggested)
  5. God Damn Monkey

    Clifford (1994)

    Yeah they gotta do this movie. Even though they might not want to upset Martin Short. ( I am sure Martin knows)
  6. God Damn Monkey

    EPISODE 111 — Hercules in New York: LIVE!

    I saw the dubbed version on TBS as a kid. It was like a fever dream on a Sunday morning. None of the parts fit in my head. All I could think about was the Bill Murray SNL Hercules sketch. #ihavenolink
  7. God Damn Monkey

    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    !!!OMG!!! "The Mother of All June Moments" A Full Blown Meltdown I have never laughed so hard at a podcast.