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    Episode 90 — Brian Huskey, Our LIVE Friend

    More like Suckshaft.
  2. I was wracking my brain trying to figure out why Aaron Toblerone sounded familiar, and then I figured it out. His cadence gets so similar to the Men's Warehouse guy at times. Truly a salesman to be reckoned with. Edit: After more research, it isn't him, but is still strangely familiar.
  3. I understand the following post is not all that productive, but from Rage Against the Machine, to Renegades, of funk, that is, the quoted comment is the comprehensive and encyclopedic compendium of all things RATM.
  4. TenThousandSandwiches

    Episode 11 — Life's Miracles with Allen Carp

    I really enjoy the way this is finding its feet, or maybe, more importantly, not, and how it is similar to watching how the bread is made. Most importantly, and this is the thing that I just don't understand, but the thing I enjoy about almost all of the Earwolf stuff is that it really just sounds like people who can get people to just like, and I heard this from a Steely Dan song, but "Just go with it man, things do stuff, and black cow," but mostly it is funny people being funny together, even if it isn't fucking hilarious, fun banter is still fun banter.
  5. TenThousandSandwiches

    Episode 10 — The Wild Horses Show

    It is the kind of omnipresence that only well tailored suits and ornate pocket squares grant you.
  6. TenThousandSandwiches

    Episode 10 — The Wild Horses Show

    "What if I gave you a present and you fucked a horse?" That is the kind of banter I wish I witnessed when I am regularly immersed in a group of women.
  7. TenThousandSandwiches

    Episode BO2014.1 — Best of 2014 Pt 1

    God damn Kanorado needs to make up its mind.
  8. TenThousandSandwiches

    Episode 326 — 2014 Holiday Spectacular

    I think my favorite thing about James Adomian is how good he is at doing characs with floppier-than-normal lips. EDIT: Now that I listen further, that floppier-than-thou comment might have been premature. The point still stands.
  9. TenThousandSandwiches

    Episode 19 — U2 Holiday Special

    At work today, I tried to convince a co-worker about that Weirdo Al thing. Turns out this kind of humor is what some would call "niche." And when I say "niche," I don't mean the author of Thus Spoke Zarathustra.
  10. TenThousandSandwiches

    Episode 325 — Musical Organs

    Yea, Aukerman really likes his guests to 'pop'.
  11. TenThousandSandwiches

    Episode 322 — YouTube Phenomahna

    Listened to the Jenny Slate and Gabe Liedman episode. It was fucking wonderful. Thank you, good rec. I especially like the way Chelsea just hangs up on people.
  12. TenThousandSandwiches

    Episode 322 — YouTube Phenomahna

    Any eps in particular you could recommend? I have thought about checking it out, and I'd really like to start out on a solid C+.
  13. TenThousandSandwiches

    Episode 320 — Charging Kids

    "Unless you're Garfield, then you have to follow your meows." These are the types of jokes that keep me listening. Well done, Auck Dog.