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  1. All I know of is episode #85.5 of i4h is called "yo is yo is this racist racist?" because yo is this racist had this dumb guest on who said the racist stereotypes in sitcoms aren't the fault of the writers (who she is friends with) but because dumb people in places like Arkansas and Chicago gobble it up. And the host didn't call her out on her logic. Besser wasn't impressed. I didn't discover that episode until recently but it's a real gooder. It can be easy to miss the bonus episodes sometimes unfortunately.
  2. Damn, just listened to the part where Ian is talking about improvisers (or great practitioners of any craft) who can break the rules and still be great and just how rare that is. Then he specifically mentions Horatio Sanz as an example of this. Now I don't know the first goddam thing about improv besides what I've picked up from being an extremely dedicated listener of i4h for a few years now but I feel like I know exactly what he means. Whenever Horatio does the show I know it's going to be something special because he'll say things or come up with concepts that I can't imagine any other performers doing. I feel like you've got to be a master-level improviser to hang with Horatio because he's going to throw things out there that will have to be reacted to and not doing so quickly and decisively will only derail the scene. Feels like walking a tightrope when he's on. Maybe I'm wrong about this and it's not what Ian was speaking to because like I said I don't really know anything about the process of improv but I thought it was cool that the second he started talking about rule breakers I thought or Horatio and that was his example. Great episode, I hope we get more like it. Fascinating stuff. Thanks Ian and Matt.
  3. I hope he never does another non musical guest episode just to piss off these whiny motherfuckers.
  4. A. This episode is great and this show is great. Congrats on making 200 of these brilliant podcasts. I hope it never ends. I've listened to every episode multiple times and I'll continue to do so as long as you keep making them. B. Why not vinyl Matt? Vinyl is awesome and 95% of new vinyl comes with download codes to get digital versions of the albums as well. That way when I'm at home it's vinyl but I can still put it all on the old iPod when I'm out. Obviously vinyl isn't for everyone but for people like us (based on what I've heard you say I think we appreciate music in the same way) who like albums it's a great way to appreciate the music to the fullest extent because vinyl demands your attention more than streaming music. And the artist generally gets more $$$ with vinyl.
  5. Gotta chime in and say what an amazing episode. I hope he we get more like it. I love the show no matter what format it takes but mixing it up like this is awesome.
  6. I also love that idea. It'd be great to hear at least three different scenes based on the same story.
  7. Hot damn this is exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks a bunch. It's nice to get recommendations from a connoisseur of the genre because it's hard to sort through what's worth reading and what isn't when you get down to some of the lesser known or less celebrated entries in the genre. I have read a few you mentioned such as Lucifer's Hammer (can't believe I left that great book off my list despite the scene where the dude surfs a tsunami) and the MaddAddam Trilogy. Speaking of that series you mentioned it'd make a great TV show and you probably already know this but in case you don't Darren Aronofsky is currently developing it as a show for HBO. I'm expecting great things. He's not my favorite director but I think his sensibilities could really work with that story and being on HBO should allow it to stay true to Atwood's vision. Can't wait! The Passage / The Twelve are the first two books in a planned three part series. The Stand + I Am Legend is a decent way to describe it although it doesn't fully do it justice. Be warned the first book has a long section at the start that is pre-apocalyptic. It serves to setup the rest of the series but I've heard of people who found it boring and didn't stick around long enough to get to the full on end of the world where the real fun begins. Anyways thanks again, I'll start working my way down the list as soon as I'm done with the Book Of The Sun series I'm currently reading. It's not quite post-apocalyptic but it's pretty close and is a spectacular series so far.
  8. Damn, yet another amazing episode. The book sketch reminded me of something I meant to ask Matt awhile ago. If I'm remembering correctly Matt you said in a previous episode (maybe in an audible ad?) that you're really into post-apocalyptic fiction. It's probably my favorite genre as well so I was wondering if you have any recommendations for post-apocalyptic books I might have missed. Here's some of my favorites: - A Canticle For Liebowitz (this list isn't ranked but this is the best, hands down) - Alas, Babylon - The Passage / The Twelve - On The Beach - I Am Legend - The Drowned World - The Stand - The Postman - Swan Song - The World Without Us (non fiction) - The Road - WOOL series - The Dog Stars - The Handmaid's Tale - The Earth Abides - Day Of The Triffids - Eternity Road I'd love to hear about any others that are worth my time. Cheers.
  9. Big, big, big fan of the show Matt but I'm with the people who think the way you've handled this has been very poor. I think you made many reasonable points during the most recent Case Closed and some I agree with and some I don't. But you also invited on a guy who could barely make any sort of coherent argument, started off by being a homophobe and (according to pfchangs) you only gave your real fan an hour notice to appear on the show. Is there a reason for that? I get that schedules might not work out regardless but it doesn't even sound like you made an effort. Then a guy goes out of his way to make a really good post with specific reasons why he disagrees with you (points he would have made had you made more of an effort to get him on the show) and you tell him you can't even take two minutes out of your day to read it. You're not looking for a debate. You're looking for an entertaining fight and you have zero intention of letting anyone actually try to convince you of a different way of seeing things. Consequently your "debate" feels as genuine as your appearances on Crossballs or any given day on Fox News. I don't want to be all negative so I'll end by saying that aside from Case Closed the show is consistently an absolute joy to listen to every week. Best podcast in the universe.