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  1. Firstly it's fantastic to have Jeff's podcast back, always a wonderful listen. Secondly, a brilliant episode with Michael Sheen who is a phenomenal actor. I know this movie never came up in the conversation with Jeff but Michael's portrayal of British Football (Soccer) Manager, Brian Clough in 'The Damned United' is something to behold. Absolutely nailed everything from his voice to his mannerisms. Well worth a watch US Trailer below:
  2. KarlosShocko

    Christmas suggestions

    How about the god awful 2006 reboot of Black Christmas? With its $16 million in domestic box office, Black Christmas is the lowest grossing horror movie remake or some sh*t like that (Source Wikipedia - yeah so it must be true!) There's enough nonsense for Paul, enough to be upset about for June and without question enough to arouse Jason too! A crazed maniac chasing sorority girls at Christmas - what's not to love there! Trailer: