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  1. divaTy

    Episode 584 - Weirdamony Alimony Tony

    I wonder what Paul was going to do originally
  2. divaTy

    Episode 16 โ€” The Smurfs

    This episode is back in the feed now.
  3. Shouldn't this be episode 21?
  4. divaTy

    Episode 448 - Master of Horror

    All earwolf podcasts were very late updating today. They finally just showed up on my phone.
  5. divaTy

    Episode 448 - Master of Horror

    I'm not seeing a new ep in the podcasts app. Is it just me?
  6. divaTy

    Episode 415 - The Longest Pig Pile

    The live Mailchimp ad killed me.
  7. divaTy

    EPISODE 120.5 - Minisode 120.5

    I know I'm late, but I can not find this movie anywhere.
  8. divaTy

    EPISODE 256 โ€” Knock Ups

    I really looked forward to hearing the guest's opinions on the music charts.
  9. divaTy

    EPISODE 252 โ€” The Mugging Mugger

    That was...unpleasant.
  10. divaTy

    19 Live Young, Die Fast

    For some reason I'm not seeing the podcast cover photo in iTunes. It hasn't shown up for a few weeks now.
  11. divaTy

    Episode 309 โ€” Tony Macaroni

    This was the first CBB I ever listened to. I've since gone back to the beginning and listened to most if not all of them. I'm so glad I picked such a grep.
  12. divaTy

    Kid Cudi taking over for Reggie?!?

    He was so natural on the show Frday. I can see this working.
  13. divaTy

    Episode 331 โ€” Secret Superlatives

    Screen Actors Guild Awardยฎ winner Lauren Lapkus!