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  1. Spunky Foonerism

    Episode 261 - Jameela Jamil, Our Close Friend

    I've been holding off, saving my 1000th post because I couldn't think of anything sufficiently epic. Well, I'm glad I waited! Here goes... This episode was good, I liked it!
  2. Spunky Foonerism

    Episode 250 - The Doughboys, Our Shrimp-off Friends

    From now on, please put Shareef Abdur-Rahim on your plastic cups. I came perilously close to wasting my 1000th post on this, so maybe spell-check your cups more carefully in the future.
  3. Spunky Foonerism

    Episode 250 - The Doughboys, Our Shrimp-off Friends

    Great first post! Also, what boys are you going to see, please be more specific. There's like, hundreds of possible boys you could be seeing in Boston, smdh!
  4. Spunky Foonerism

    Episode 250 - The Doughboys, Our Shrimp-off Friends

    Dogs eating popcorn is the hottest ASMR sensation right now (literally, hah!), so for me I'd like to hear Bosch chomping down on some delicious popcorn. I won't even mind if he loudly chews over my popcorn gallery question that I'm sure will be solicited in the forum this week and used on the show next week.
  5. Spunky Foonerism

    Episode 249 - Guy Branum, Our Close Friend

    After a brief hiatus, I got so excited to catch up on HH when someone told me that there were lots of Chef Kevin bits and segments on the show now. Imagine my disappointment when I tuned in to find out that he had NOT actually been dismembered.
  6. Spunky Foonerism

    Episode 249 - Guy Branum, Our Close Friend

    OK I listened. When they said the guest was going to be Guy, they weren't kidding! Boy, is he ever!
  7. Spunky Foonerism

    Episode 249 - Guy Branum, Our Close Friend

    I haven't seen this much talk about "breaking the seal" since his divorce from Heidi Klum. Just wanted to say I haven't listened to the episode yet, but that's because I am saving it for later.
  8. Spunky Foonerism

    Episode 248 - Triumph At Comic-Con

    I am not a fan of the new multiple emoji response system. As the current #8 top poster for "most reputation" I need to know if a trophy earns more reputation than a "huh?" face.
  9. Spunky Foonerism

    Episode 238 - Joe Mande, Our Close Friend

    I'm contemplating my navel while contemptuously plating a navel [orange]. My outie is full of insight, but the site of my innie is outta sight! I'm lost in wonder as I wander where I lost 'er. I'm an old soul who sold some cold coal to an old soldier, and I'm an artful dodger who hurls darts at the heart of a fartful codger. I'm a bold hand-holder, a gold-standard mold hoarder, and a ham-handed jam handler. This all just proves that Carlen was a true genius. Like Roger Bannister running the 4 minute mile, many people can accomplish something after a pioneer proves it can be done! Now where's my comedy money, because mine is seriously so good.
  10. Spunky Foonerism

    PRO VERSION: The Coachella Performance

    I sent a puzzle toy to bosch at the earwolf address, and i havent heard back from him to say he got it. I'm worried that the engineers opened it and are playing with it!
  11. Spunky Foonerism

    Episode 226 - Tom Scharpling, Our Third Host

    Holy crap, I've only been gone for like, a year, and Dalton goes from looking like American Psycho to looking like a young Charlie Manson! Just wanted to pop in and say I still love the show and listen every day. Chef Kevin is too big for his britches, so its good that he got taken down a peg. Tom is also too big for HIS britches, so I think Intern Andy needs to come back and bust him down next. I guess that's it.
  12. Spunky Foonerism

    Episode 209 - Bryan Safi, Our Close Friend

    Hey Hayes and Sean! Wanted to check in and say I still listen to this show every day, and I still like it a lot. Here is a joke I wrote for you: I am on a new diet that makes me so regular. Nowadays I take a dump exactly 30 minutes after my first cup of coffee in the morning. I feel great, but the people I rideshare with are pretty mad that I keep shitting in the car.
  13. Spunky Foonerism

    Episode 200 - Episode 200, Our Unbelievable Achievement

    Here's a joke I thought of the other day. Sorry for those of you who already heard it. Dude comes back to his table from the bathroom and says, "Bro this is the filthiest restaurant I've ever been in. You're not going to believe this, but the toilet seat was covered in cum!" His friend said "OK that sounds gross but how do you know it was actually cum?" First dude gives him a dirty look and says "Uhh, bro, I think I know what cum tastes like." I dedicate this joke to my friends Sean and Hayes.
  14. Spunky Foonerism


    Sean, to celebrate your 30th birthday I've set up the world's biggest scavenger hunt. There are 30 clues placed in secret locations around the United States and if you find them all you will get a huge and radical present. To start you off, here's a hint: the first clue is somewhere in: "the city of angels. " Good luck, and most importantly, have fun!
  15. Spunky Foonerism

    Episode 196 - Dom, The Scuzzman, and the Commenter Hunt

    I'm doing a ten-minute boycott of this episode to protest that it was released late and scared me. I do this not out of anger but out of love, because I know that the only effective way to get the boys' attention is to give them a little pinch in the pocketbook.