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  1. orphan yachts

    Episode 445 - Sully Goose

    how reluctant Sully was to say the word "furburger!" this ep was a super solid C+ (GPA of 2.30)
  2. orphan yachts

    Episode 444 - Mind Your Please and Questions

    where in Africa? Super Sahara, Sub Sahara or way Sub Sahara? look at a map!
  3. orphan yachts

    Episode 442 - Atlantis Dire Warning

    Ming was absolutely delightful. I could listen to Scott and him talking all damn day. Spot on accent. Thank you CBB
  4. this was a really thoughtful discussion, and if you're spooked by the title, thinking this is a wacko podcast, I can certainly say it's not that, we quickly move into serious talk. I look forward to many more of these. Thanks, Jack!
  5. orphan yachts

    Live From Just For Laughs Montreal 2016

    Mr. Bubble still looks to be a live trademark registration, so be careful. Just sayin' does not constitute legal advice!
  6. orphan yachts

    CBB 2016 Tour Best of Part. 3

    thanks for doing this wrap-up you guys. revisiting the BCBubble and Pamela from Big Bear moments made me laugh so hard I saw those light flash patterns under my eyelids. Gonna make my opthamologist listen so she can help me figure out if I'm dying.
  7. orphan yachts

    Ask Paul!

    how about Patrick Fischler? He's really great!
  8. orphan yachts

    CBB 2016 Tour Best of Part. 2

    wait! there's a Comedy Bang Bang plane?
  9. it's still true. this is the best one.
  10. orphan yachts

    Episode 3 - The Red Badge of Courage

    I hold this episode up very high as an example of how great this whole idea is. Thank you!
  11. orphan yachts

    Episode 7 - Christmas and Cows

    I agree with the Swampnoodler, the Russian lady was not annoying at all. at least compared to MattyB
  12. orphan yachts

    Episode 431 - Ghost Pets Are Liars

    glad you got Mike back on, he's alright!
  13. orphan yachts

    Ask Paul!

    Hi Paul, is there an interview somewhere in which you discuss the comedy you grew up enjoying? Did you get to hear Firesign Theater, National Lampoon, or other not-very-mainstream comedy records as a kid? Love your work, and thanks for all the energy during the CBB tour!
  14. don't get all monotone at the meat of the copy! also, fivefour must be clothing for rather short dudes...