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  1. Goddamnit. Save the Thanksgiving level discourse for when Andy Daly's not on.
  2. Scarf

    EPISODE 231 — Slow Dance Party

    Armen's schtick is good in the sense that it's a well-defined character and can be funny contrasted against others (Besser, Scott). Contextualize the gimmick like in the Whiplash I4H as a character who is growing and it works great. The problem is it frequently requires Armen to be the center of attention when June was supposed to be the focus in this ep (and she was still awesome), even Kulap called out that Armen is meant to host and not be the guest. Save it for Twooch. But if this poster actually was him, that's pretty awful.
  3. Scarf

    Episode 110 — Clown Dog

    Hey Dan, Thanks to you and Steve for keeping Nerd Poker going. I really like the show; I really hate this campaign. After the cast turnover, I'd love it if you guys did a blaze of glory tpk and rebooted with new characters (especially ones with weird, defined RP motivations) and a fleshed out storyline. My friends and I actually started playing DND because of listening to Nerd Poker around 5e's launch. I support the show how I can, (so far just clicks and a dice bag), but would be psyched to buy a Nerd Poker module or miniatures.