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    EPISODE 248 — Scarf Face

    Z-3 MC's - Triple Threat 1985
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    Episode 210.5 — 12/12/14 TWO CHARTED 149

    Hey All, I just got into this podcast through watching the old VPN ones on youtube. I have been devouring mulitiple episodes a day and I am stoked to have such a treasue of past shows to dig ....I F N LOVE THIS SHOW. Great Job Ku your laugh is so innfectious. Stard I checked out ur band and your multitude of talents makes you the shiznato bang shnip shnap samson. And Howard how have I not been a die hard fan of yours forever?!?!?I used to go to ucb all the time and thought I knew the LA alt scene pretty good but fuf you are my new Brett Favrett Comedian. I got 'Summah this Summah that', tish is classic!!! keep it trill