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    Double Dragon (1994)

    Double Dragon, yes! Friends-- I was an extra in this movie. It came & went from the theaters so fast, so I NEVER saw it. And as of 2018, it is finally available streaming on Prime for rent/purchase. I'll tweet it out too. Let's make this happen, people! Can't wait to see this at last & hopefully get to discuss it ASAP!
  2. CiciRude

    EPISODE 121 - Perfect: LIVE!

    Great episode all around...one missing piece might be that the end credits didn't really surprise me with it's mugging to the camera, antics, etc because I think that this movie was originally supposed to be a romantic comedy and have a goofy, comedic tone overall. How else to explain all the comedic actresses being cast? Marilu Henner, Anne De Salvo and Lorraine Newman all were mostly known for the comedies on their resume at the time. And when Jann Wenner's character reacts to John Travolta's pitch in the restaurant, he's grinning and says, "It will be hilarious!" Clearly, they lost the tone along the way & tried to salvage it with the end credits. And it's pronounced Wenner as in Jenner not Whiner (Seth...) and not Warner/Werner (Paul....) (Jason got it correct.)
  3. CiciRude

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    I had to know more about Living in a Box only to discover that not only was the song called Living in a Box, the band AND the album were also called...Living in a Box. What a triple threat of terrible-ness!
  4. CiciRude

    EPISODE 110 — The Island of Dr. Moreau

    OK thank you very, very much for this great, great movie. I was SO into it because of the bananas factor, as June said. Some thoughts/agreements/maybe omissions: 1. I liked the point about the rat-people on the boat not being mentioned again, however I thought that you would mention how much they looked like something out of a Muppets movie. I was so expecting to see Rizzo the rat jump out at any second. I had the same sort of feeling when Marlon Brando came out in his popemobile with the animal people flanking the side of his car, something about that whole scene had me feeling like the animal people were going to break into a dance number, like the Thriller video. 2. What happened to the third white tuxedoed son? The youngest and one would think, the most vulnerable and in need of protection....just, whatever, gone? I thought he might turn up at the end with the mini-me and the goat-leader but no. I can't even tell from IMDB what his character name was and I know he introduced himself but that really disturbed me, him just vanishing. Or did I miss something? 3. Totally on board for how all over the place what the animal-people or people-animals were capable of doing. Hyena--once he had the guns, he turned into Rambo. How did he know that those barrels would explode so incredibly after he shot them with the gun from way far away in what I think was a car (the popemobile again)? How did he not fall over backwards upon using a machine gun for the first time but instead expertly shoots up Moreau's house? Thanks again, going to watch the doc now...
  5. CiciRude

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    Right & will do, thanks.
  6. CiciRude

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    Soooo, June loves plane movies.....& I agree with she & Jason, this movie IS dope. How about trying again with a truly and really bad plane movie that both lost a Razzie to Con Air AND co-stars Breesees Gleesees? It's another prisoner transport story, this time on a commercial flight (???) & it's Christmas eve. I already see a recommendation thread for it from a few years ago & forgive me for this, I'm hoping my post here will get some momentum behind it: TURBULENCE. I recall Roger Ebert's aghast response to it so well--"Have you ever seen Christmas decorations on a commercial plane?!?" Ray Liotta, Lauren Holly., and again, and God knows why, I guess this was his bridge to Lake Placid--- BRENDAN GLEASON. Thanks for hearing me out & "June, ARE YOU WITH ME!!!???!!!"
  7. CiciRude

    EPISODE 107 — Lake Placid: LIVE!

    I get you. I've not seen Friends, however I understand that the Paleontologist job description does include a large amount of indoor work. I still think any Paleontologist looking to stay employed would probably need to ditch their personal "no tenting" ordinance.
  8. CiciRude

    EPISODE 107 — Lake Placid: LIVE!

    Loved this one...was laughing straight through it. I did think of an Omission: Lost in the deliriously wonderful feminine napkin go around was the fact that Bridget Fonda's character is a Paleontologist--a job that is characterized by a large amount of fieldwork, the bulk of which is conducted outdoors. One assumes camping would be a natural part of such a line of work and yet she's totally and overly perplexed at the thought of tenting. I mean, we know from Jurassic Park that when out doing fieldwork, at best, she can expect a trailer. (If she's being sponsored by a multi-billionaire, that is.)
  9. CiciRude

    Episode 101 — Xanadu: LIVE!

    So happy--this episode was perfect. I have a strange weird love for this movie...in all the June senses, I'm on board. (Overboard actually...I once went as Kira for Halloween. This was in 98 so of course everyone thought I was Rollergirl from Boogie Nights. I suppose I deserved that...) I've seen it twice in a theater in the last 10 years, one for Outfest, referenced here: http://www.ew.com/article/2007/07/06/why-people-love-xanadu & also saw this screening where live dancers come on stage during The Tubes/Big Band mashup scene; they dance along a la Rocky Horror: (bad quality filming but you get the idea): Aaaaand a few years back a friend invited me to a party where there would be lots of musicians and singing etc...then because she knows how I am she said, "Oh yeah, and you're going to freak, it's at the home of Juliette Marshall...she was one of the muses in Xanadu." Of course I completely lost it, she's really sweet and talented--I did not ask her about Xanadu, as I did not want to bug her about it. Although I did try to get my friend to get in contact with her to see if she could drop in at Largo for this episode. My friend's response? "haha..you're crazy." Sigh. Yes, I am.