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    Teen Witch

    This film has top be done! I only watched it for the first time the other day. My fiancee grew up with it. I honestly loved every minute. It makes no sense whatsoever. She doesn't ever really do anything witch-y, the moral lesson is to dress cooler and stop being a dork. Is it a musical? Can anyone really be that funky?
  2. MichaelBristow

    Which Movies Does HDTGM Absolutely Need To Review?

    My Girlfriend recently introduced me to a film that was a staple part of her childhood, I had never seen it before or even heard of it for that matter. The film I'm referring to is 'Teen Witch' Let me tell you, this film is FANTASTIC. It makes no sense whatsoever, it's outrageously 80's and it breaks all conventions and has you asking questions throughout it constantly. Is it a musical? It's it an extended pop video? Are those slow walking music bits actually happening? Is the swimming pool only there so we have an excuse to have a few scenes where people are only wearing skimpy swimsuits? How does any parent think her twenty sizes to big granny clothes are an acceptable thing to make your child wear? As a witch, she wishes to become the most popular person in school, instead of this making everyone suddenly love her - it makes he change everything about her in order to fit in, where's the magic? And finally, how can anyone be that funky all the time? Please watch the trailer: More importantly this - after seeing this scene I had to watch the whole thing immediately.