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Saw this years and years ago, and recently re-watched it. It's about an ex-marine (Eric Roberts) sent to Australia by the Coca-Cola company to convince a small town soda bottler to sell his business to Coke. The director, I believe, did only gay porn for a long time, then made this. The end alone gets it in the HDTGM? pantheon, perhaps as the grandpappy of all WTF? movies I've ever seen, including all of Stuart Gordon's and David Lynch's films combined.

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The director did NOT do gay porn. He made movies like "Sweet Movie" (where a woman has sex with a sailor in a vat of sugar, then stabs him, getting blood all over the sugar) and "W.R. Mysteries of the Organism" (part Communist protest, part documentary about William Reich, part sex film).


So really, this movie is one of his LESS weird films.

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