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Nerd Poker Shots

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I came up with these off the top of my head. Maybe someone else has better ideas or even a drinking game... in any case...


Nerd Poker Shots - *May Include Spoilers*


Blackee Green - 1/2 Kaluha with 1/2 Midori layered on top. Black(ish) and Green. Looks sleek and appealing, but ultimately awkward tasting.


Mildred Maxton - 1/2 Rumchata and 1/2 99 Bananas. A thoughtful, rational combination that will have you have you taken hostage in no time.


Bartho Shett - 1/2 Bailey's Irish Creme and 1/2 hot cinnamon schnapps. A smooth flavor with a fire breath finish.


Ell Ryan - gin, with a splash of olive brine and an olive sunk to the bottom of the glass. Essentially a "dirty martini shot". Direct and straight to the point... but with a sunken watery demise.


Amarth Amon - bottom shelf vodka with a cocktail sword sticking straight up. Try not to stab your throat.

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Nerd Poker Drinking Game.


Take a shot whenever:

Blackee Green mentions his charisma

Mildred Maxton pleads for rational behaviour

Bartho Shett breathes fire

Amarth Amon kills an innocent

Gerry dies

Sark does a character's voice or draws a penis

Anyone botches or criticals

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