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Phat Beach is a coming of age tale about an overweight and insecure young black high school student, who loves poetry and hamburgers, is pushed hard toward success by his overbearing father, tormented by his pre-teen sister, and lured into socially irresponsible behavior by his long time friend and antagonist extraordinaire, who convinces him to abandon his post at the hamburger drive thru to instead steal his vacationing father's Mercedes, hit the beach, and sell a box full of sunglasses he bought for "10 cent a piece" for "5 bucks!," and presumably make enough dolla bills to get all the bitches on the beaches and buy happiness and retire. He's obsessed with this mystery model, who is interjected into his conscious thoughts by his penis's consciousness, until he finally meets her, to find she's a gold digger just diggin' for gold at...you guessed it! None other than THE "Phat Beach."


Special guest stars, Coolio, a hot dog, and a boom box.


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I'd love to see this one torn apart, particularly by Jason Mantzoukas.

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